PHD #069: AAR - Eidolon Repairs


6 May 2041 AE

FR: CPT Margaret Quinn
TO: RADM Michael Abbot
CC: MAJ Clive Tillman (XO), MAJ Cidra Hahn (CAG)
RE: Repairs to the Eidolon


CAPT Margaret Quinn headed up a mission to replace a part of the Eidolon with a Cylon Transponder which had been previously repaired and readied by the engineering team aboard the Cerberus. Two Vipers flown by Lucky and Crashdown accompanied the raptor team of Jugs and Kahuna with the engineering team of LT JG Kal Trask, LT Penelope Paris, LTJG Haeleah Parres.

The mission appeared routine until the cabin lights flickered for a moment, accompanied by a faint buzzing noise, and then everything seemingly returned to normal. LT Cortez reported a giant EW signature during the flickering of power which appeared to be originating from the Raptor. He hypothesized that it might have been an echo on the surge, or perhaps the Cylon transponder cargo acting-up. LT Paris ruled-out the latter.

Cortez then sought to compensate by ramping the ECM a touch to push it into the HF band, momentarily borrowing some power from the spool to do so. Shortly thereafter, a loud, hollow sound erupted. The stick ceased to respond to CAPT Quinn's control and the craft lurched forward at high velocity. LT Cortez, who had left the console to examine an electrical panel, went flying face first into the rear bulkhead, landing unconscious.

LTJG Trask assessed that the electrical systems, the power regulators, and the rear thrusters were effectively destroyed. According to him, the total death of the electrical system should not have happened. He suspects some manner of sabotage and CAPT Quinn agrees with his assessment. Once the electrical systems were reported destroyed, LT Sophronia and LTJG Xavier were ordered to spread out and prepare to fire on Harrier-307 if necessary, before she impacted and severely damaged the Eidolon. LT Sophronia suggested that she attempt to light impact into the side of the raptor to throw 307 off course, but was ordered to hold her position and be ready to fire.

LTJG Parres confirmed that the side thrusters were still operable, and LTJG Trask then directed the repair efforts. With the aid of LT Paris' jury-rigging skill, LTJG Trask managed to shunt the fuel feed line of the port side thruster in a manner to convert the burning fuel into electricity. When LTJG Parres announced that the intended thruster was inoperable, LTJG Trask and LT Paris rerouted the current and brought the other thruster on-line.

Once the port thruster was bought on-line, CAPT Quinn managed to steer the Raptor just shy of hitting the Eidolon. Harrier-307 drifted and an SAR team was dispatched to tow them back into the Cerberus. Harrier-309 was then sent back out with the equipment and managed to complete the original mission without issue.

The only casualty was the concussion received by LT Cortez.




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