PHD #042: AAR - Eidolon Away Mission


10 Apr 2041 AE

FR: LTJG Haeleah Parres
TO: RADM Michael Abbott
CC: MAJ Clive Tillman, CPT Dominic Gabrieli, CPT Gloriana Diego, CPT Kellan Archer, CPO Constantine Atreus
RE: Away Mission, MV Eidolon


At 2020 hours, an unknown vessel of Colonial registry jumped into Parnassus space. After she was positively identified as the MV Eidolon, a civilian freighter, this battlestar dispatched an away team to investigate consisting of myself, PO1 Andreas Damon, LTJG Raine Lunair and LTJG Jesse Stavrian, with Raptor transport from ENS Temperance O'Sullivan and LTJG Kal Trask. Team arrived on Eidolon without incident and proceeded with investigation of vessel. As we only learned at the end of the mission, the Eidolon's FTL drive had been slaved to its DRADIS system, causing the ship to commence jumps when it detected DRADIS contacts. This is what caused it to jump into Cerberus' vicinity in the first place. Our Raptor's signature was detected when we landed and, several minutes later, the ship commenced yet another, separating us from the Cerberus.

Team continued with exploration of vessel and embarked to bridge to attempt to take control of ship systems. During our exploration, LTJG Stavrian detected the presence of a chemical aerosol in the ship's air - later determined to be hydrogen gas - as well as puddles of corrosive resin scattered around the ship. We sighted Centurion shell casings but saw no actual Cylons until we reached crew quarters, where we came upon what first appeared to be a disabled Centurion. LTJG Lunair detected it still had minor "red light" activity and proceeded to shoot it into a thorough state of disabled.

As we proceeded to the bridge, the ship's FTL began to spin up again - I presume due to DRADIS sensors reading asteroids in that region of space as contacts. Given the amount of gasses in the ship's air at the time, this likely would have triggered an explosion and destroyed us all with the ship. Myself, LTJG Trask and PO1 Damon were able to power down the FTL before another jump could commence and, once the gas was safely vented, safely jump the ship back to rejoin Cerberus.

Also on the bridge, we came upon the corpse of one of the ship's crew, a small metal object is clasped in the bones of its right hand. No survivors were found save a single kitten, who was turned over to the Admiral's custody when team rejoined Cerberus. Away team personnel are recommended to see Medical to check affects of chemical gas inhaled while aboard, but team did not sustain any injuries during mission itself. Ship returned to Parnassus space at approximately 2155 hours.

Freighter will require substantial repairs to its port side but appears salvageable for our use. Recommend those duties be turned over to Engineering and Deck personnel. Body found on ship is available to Medical for proper autopsy and identification. No other complete bodies of deceased crew were found aboard but full sweep was not completed and full complement was 13 souls. Given the small size of the ship I consider additional live Cylon presence there unlikely, but preliminary further missions to it should be accompanied by Marine escort to conduct more thorough sweep.



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