PHD #051: AAR - Down But Not Out


18 Apr 2041 AE

FR: MAJ Cidra Hahn (CAG)
TO: MAJ Clive Tillman (XO)
CC: LTJG Stephen Kulko
RE: Relay Strike


Undertaking a mission planned by LTJG Stephen Kulko, at approximately 18:30 hours, CF Praetorian, with small complement of Vipers aboard, escort of Raptors and a Demolitions team consisting of Deck and Marine personnel jumped to coordinates of interstellar communications relay. Objective was to deliver Demo team to relay and detonate it, as it was believed to have been co-opted for Cylon use. Vipers were dispatched to disable defense turrets surrounding relay, while a single Raptor - piloted by LTJG Doe - prepared to deliver Demo team once path through turrets was clear. Remainder of Raptors remained with Praetorian to prepare a deployment of swallows for final phase of mission.

Turrets proved far more of a challenge than anticipated, as we found them heavily armored and armed with missiles that locked on approaching planes. Vipers Flight and Demo Raptor took heavy damage from missiles but eventually disabled enough turrets to proceed. Three Viper pilots (Sophronia, Kolettis, Malone) were forced to eject due to extreme missile damage to their ships, all were recovered by SAR. Demo Raptor crossed path to relay and EVA team was dispatched with demolitions, which were affixed to relay and timed detonation successfully.

While still disabling turrets, we encountered a pair of Cylon raider scouts. Raiders jumped in and out again before we could intercept, returning several minutes later with a full force of Cylons that bore down upon us. Demo Raptor's mission complete, it was able to jump away from field and Viper Flight landed back on Praetorian. The Praetorian's minimal flight deck, combined with damage already sustained to ships, made for a rough landing and some Vipers sustained additional damage during exit. However, all pilots and EVA team members exited field, no injuries or casualties suffered.

In final stage of mission, remaining Raptors deployed Swallows to create the illusion of a full battlestar group - to make our enemy think we've bigger teeth than we do. Swallow deployment was successful and explosion took out relay right on schedule directly before the Praetorian and remaining Raptors jumped back to Sector 641.



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