PHD #318: AAR - Detainment Incident


11 Jan 2042 AE

FR: LT Natalie Vandenberg
TO: COL Pewter
CC: MAJ Tillman, MAJ Willows-Cavanaugh, CAPT Nikephoros, CAPT Mathers, LT O'Hare
RE: Detainment Incident


Following an anonymous tip to a MP, the whereabouts of Robert Warner were identified at a location on the MV Elpis. LT Vandenberg constructed a sting operation that was set to go off at 1550 hours when the target, according to descriptions, was spotted. At 1553 Warner was ‘sighted’ and the sting moved into op. He was accompanied by another bald individual. During the search of Mister Wagner it was discovered that he was wearing a red wig and that the bald man was actually a redhead who fit our description. At this time civilians began to gather into a group while a few became distressed.

At this time ‘Warner’, who made no attempt to identify himself or correct LT Vandenberg during the brief encounter, revealed that he was not who we were looking for and did not object to our assumptions about his companion – who was later found to be carrying the ID of Wally Foster. The initial suspect was identified as Piers Rene-Marie and a QOUDEL Rep from Virgon and he instructed to move along. He failed to comply and further antagonized the civilian population around the incident which almost resulted in the injury to young children who were caught in the hall.

Mister Rene-Marie then announced that we were handcuffing the wrong man, who had refused to comply with requests. Down the hall, a man was produced who was supposedly our initial suspect of Robert Warner. He was being detained illegally by two associates of Mr. Rene-Marie, who then announced that he had captured the man days before and alluded to what the people were seeing was a result of what happens when the military runs things. LT Vandenberg replied to the man who had hushed the population who did not have much further to say for his actions. Both the unidentified man Rene-Marie produced and Mr. Foster have been brought back to the Cerberus until proper ID confirmations can be made.


It was very obvious that Rene-Marie orchestrated this event and I suspect he was the ‘anonymous informant’ to our MP’s. Given that he had such a vocal intent on embarrassing the military I was disinclined to humor him further. I believe that he wanted us to arrest him on the spot and further anger the crowd. Additionally, I believe his intent was to cause an incident that may have resulted in violence to further what was a blatant political agenda. Any charges to be brought against him I will leave to the discretion of Marine S2 and Fleet Command.



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