PHD #274: AAR - Cylon Prisoner Incident


27 Nov 2041 AE

FR: LCPL D. Kincaid
TO: SGT E. Constin
CC: LT C. O'Hare, MAJ M. Willows-Cavanaugh
RE: Cylon Prisoner Incident


At 2200 hours, the undersigned was on guard duty in Isolation 2, the cell housing the "Model Five" Cylon prisoner. The shift had been uneventful until the prisoner began laughing. The undersigned asked what was funny, but the chuckling continued until approximately 2215 hours. The prisoner's laughter stopped and she began to look pained, asking for a glass of water. The undersigned monitored the situation and called for back-up.

While the undersigned was waiting for back-up, the prisoner asked the undersigned whether he "knew God." The prisoner said that "He is here" and that she was "late." She stated that the "sparrows did not nest here" and that "we shall all know Him better yet."

Backup arrived and the undersigned provided a status report. The prisoner shouted that "He has left his mark on the ancient ground of the bull" and "when he has taken the knife to the throat of the bull and cut and in its death he points the way." Prisoner shouted that "We are too late and there is still time." Corpsman attempted to evaluate the prisoner, but was attacked and attempted to be strangled. Responding Marines were forced to use tasers to subdue the prisoner. The full video of the incident was copied and forwarded to Command.



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