PHD #361: AAR - Cylon Foundry Scouting


22 FEB 2042 AE

FR: LTJG Magus Boreas
TO: COL Andrus Pewter
CC: MAJ Clive Tillman, MAJ Cidra Hahn, CPT Kal Trask, CPT Mark Makinen, CPT Cora Nikephoros
RE: Cylon Foundry — Raptor Scouting Mission of 22 FEB 2042


At 20:30:00 hrs LTJG Solstise and myself (LTJG Boreas) in Harrier-303 were searching Aerilon Space — quadrant delta six for any signs of a Cylon Foundry, when LTJG Solstice discovered a possible heat source in the nearby Aeolus Asteroid Belt, which she felt might indicate the presence of such a structure. At 20:35:00 hrs once the location of the heat source was confirmed, I set a course for the location of the heat source, and at 20:40:00 hrs entered the asteroid field. Immediately I had to take evasive action to avoid the destruction of Harrier-303 in the asteroid field. While traversing the asteroid field the large number of rocks and debris severely hampered our DRADIS systems, but LTJG Solstice was able to focus on finding the Cylon Foundry despite the interference. At 20:50:00 hrs I noted the possible presence of Cylon Raiders ahead of us in the asteroid field, though at the time DRADIS could not confirm their presence. At 20:55:00 hrs I was able to confirm visually the presence of Cylon Raiders, and then shortly after the presence of the Cylon Foundry. Once the Cylon Foundry was located we utilized the Raptors Cameras to shoot photographs of the structure, and then moved closer to the foundry so that Solstice could perform a full and detailed sensor sweep of the Foundry. During that time I noted that the Raiders were painted with the same markings of those that had been attacking us recently, and inferred that this foundry is likely the source of the swarm attacks.

At 21:05:00 hrs the Cylon Raiders noted our presence, at which point we retreated through the asteroid field, and jumped back to the Cerberus. Shortly there after we turned over all sensor data and photographs to intelligence for review.



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