PHD #132: AAR - Cylon Base Intel Mission


08 Jul 2041 AE

FR: LT Cora Nikephoros
TO: COL Andrus Pewter (CO)
CC: MAJ Clive Tillman (XO)
RE: Intelligence-Gathering Mission to Cylon Base Incident Summary


At approximately 01:30 hours, a raptor piloted by LT Heres and LTJG McCoy, carrying myself, LT Paris, LTJG Stavrian, Crewmen Coll and Wolfe, PFC Sholty and PVT Diesel arrived at the enemy station. The facility was breached successfully. Inside, we encountered zero gravity conditions. The bodies of five identical women. LTJG Stavrian reported having seen this woman on Leonis several times; she is believed to be a cylon known as "an Eleven".

CN Coll discovered radiological readings strong enough to preclude spending more than fifteen minutes within the station. Upon attempting to enter the next room to continue our search, four (4) drones appeared and opened fire. Fire was returned, but CN Wolfe and CN Coll received serious injuries before the drones were destroyed.

LT Heres, PFC Sholty and I discovered in the second room a sixth copy of "Cylon Eleven". The cylon had her hands in a partially-liquid glowing panel, and appeared to be communicating in some fashion with it. When LT Heres kicked the pedastal supporting the panels the cylon worked at she fell unconscious. She was taken prionser by PFC Sholty and some computer components were recovered from within the pedestal. The body of one of the deceased Elevens was also recovered for further testing.

Prior to the jump back to Cerberus, the station was observed to destabilize completely and disappear into the mist. RTB was successful and after decontamination of the raptor, personnel were quarantined in the recovery room.




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