PHD #095: AAR - Counter-Sabotage Operation


1 Jun 2041 AE

FR: Eleftherios Constin, Corporal
TO: Major Clive Tillman, Executive Officer
CC: MAJ Madilyn Willows-Cavanaugh
RE: Counter-Sabotage Operation


Video and audio surveilance of the decoy explosives was undertaken, monitored from the Deck 6 Security Hub by PFC Panos, in wireless communication with Fireteam Able Three-One. At 18:22 hours, PO2 John Borenstein made use of an unrelated duty order to gain access to the target location. He was observed to be carrying a sidearm and pocketing the decoy explosives, before withdrawing.

Video and electronic surveilance tracked Borenstein moving directly to the Hangar deck, en route to which he appeared to have taken a hostage. Fireteam Able Three-One moved to intercept. Borenstein, upon becoming aware of pursuit, declared his intention to take a Raptor and depart, creating a hostage situation. Borenstein was subdued after being wounded in the neck, his hostage suffering a minor wound to the left foot. First aid was applied to both parties.

As a result of the investigation, Detainment orders were issued for PO1 Lessa Morgenfield, for questioning. PO2 Borenstein is presently under heavy guard in the Medical bay, recieving treatment, while PO1 Morgenfield is being detained in the brig, pending the decision of her Superior Officer.



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