PHD #206: AAR - Civilian Hangar Incident


21 Sep 2041 AE

FR: SGT Eleftherios Constin
TO: MAJ Madilyn Willows-Cavanaugh
CC: MAJ Clive Tillman, MAJ Cidra Hahn, Department Heads
RE: Violent Incident and Crowd Control in Civilian Hangar


At approximately 16:00 hours Sep 20 2041 AE, an incident occurred during distribution of clothing to civilian populace. CPT Sitka, present with the intention of distributing clothing, was recognized by a civilian male identified as Alexios, who spoke to the Captain in an accusatory manner and approached him, drawing a knife.

At this point, MP personnel drew sidearms, but I judged the shot too hazardous to attempt. As a result, Captain Sitka was stabbed three times before the assailant could be subdued. A CMC Rapid Response and Medical teams were ordered, while first aid was attempted by fleet personnel with the assistance of a civilian later identified as one Luke Agapios, but Captain Sitka died soon after.

The outbreak of violence further agitated the civilian crowd. Sympathies were observed to be voiced toward the assailant (Alexios), while others began looting the stock of clothing. Several civilians were injured as a result of the chaos, in response to which, I called for all Fleet personnel to step forward and assist establishing a perimeter.

The secondary motivation for this order was to remove uniformed personnel from the crowd in the event of a riot.
The arrival of CMC personnel forestalled any escalation, and the assailant (Alexios) was removed and the area secured.

Minority elements within the Civilian Hangar must be considered to be armed and dangerous. Strongly advise expanding CMC presence in the Bay at all hours.






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