PHD #000: AAR - Cerberus Commissioning


27 Feb 2041 AE

FR: Staff Sergeant J. King, Platoon Sergeant, C Platoon, B Company
TO: Captain K. Archer, Executive Officer, B CompanyHeUBJ
RE: Cerberus Commissioning


During the final commissioning ceremony of BS-132, Cerberus, unknown forces attacked friendly forces. All military VIPs and Air Wing were scrambeled off-station and brought back to Cerberus to take action stations. In the meantime, marine forces present (Myself, Sergeant A. Galyian, Sergeant P. Demos, Corporal M. Tiran, and Lance Corporal C. Maragos) conducted evacuation operations (EVO) to escort civilian VIPs and remaining Cerberus crew to the Cerberus through a boarding tube connected to Airlock 24 aboard the Cerberus.

As expected, civilian personnel were excited and irritable. Upon reaching the checkpoint at airlock 24, manned by Charlie platoon's 2nd fireteam, progression slowed. I made the decision to allow Cerberus personnel through the checkpoint first. The civilian evacuees were restless and anxious as they could see the battle occuring just outside the windows of the boarding tube. Even with the assistance of Lt Aurelia, ship psychiatrist, we were unable to calm the civilians.

Things came to a head when the Picon Anchorage came under fire from unknown enemy forces. The civilian evacuees became riotous. Initial shots were fired in the panic, rendering no casualties. However, as more civilians entered the Cerberus and marines were also trying to escape the boarding tube, civilians began to tamper with the airlock controls, using a crowbar to attempt to force the airlock to stay open. This would have rendered Cerberus unable to jump, possibly leading to it's destruction.

This is why I opened fire and gave my marines permission to open fire on the civilians interfering with the operation of the airlock, we were also reinforced by LTJG J. Stavrian and Staff Sergeant R. Maraz. Roughly 9-12 civilians were KIA during the ensuing fight.

Corporal M. Tiran was injured during the firefight with one round to the chest. Fortunately, her armor protected her and no vital organs were seriously damaged. She should be back to full duty soon.




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