PHD #232: AAR - Caprica Recon


16 Oct 2041 AE

FR: LT Kal Trask
TO: MAJ Cidra Hahn (CAG, CVW-14)
CC: COL Andrus Pewter (acting CO, BS-132), MAJ Clive Tillman (XO), CPT Cora Nikephoros (TACCO), et al.
RE: Caprica Recon — Delphi & Caprica City


At approximately 16:30 on 16 Oct 2041 AE, a Raptor team consisting of myself and LT Tobias Ulixes departed for Caprica in Harrier-411 as part of renewed reconnaissance efforts. Jump series was completed successfully into long-range location from the planet, where we remained undetected. Estimated distance from the Raider patrol parameter is listed in the attached report. Immediately, we noticed a lack of debris.

Passive DRADIS showed signs of activity clustered around the cities, but it was impossible to get any beneficial readings from our position. To approach any further would have drawn the attention of the patrols, so I made a command decision to FTL directly into the planet's atmosphere.

We successfully jumped to a location near Delphi, in the mountain range that surrounds the northern metropolitan area. Stealth tactics were employed and we remained undetected for approximately two (2) minutes, wherein we acquired valuable data via passive scanning. We successfully evaded four (4) Raiders long enough for the FTL to spool and a jump be plotted for Caprica City. For approximately fifteen (15) seconds before we commenced the jump, active DRADIS was running. This revealed hundreds of Raiders and Heavy Raiders in the immediate vicinity.

Caprica City had an even thicker Cylon presence. Upon jump completion, we were immediately detected and no less than twenty (20) Raiders converged on our location. DRADIS remained active for the entirety of the pursuit. LT Ulixes is to be commended for his incredible skill in evading the enemy while the FTL drive was spooling; a lesser pilot would have been blown to bits.

Our jump back to space brought us to a vicinity where we were able to prep for our RTB. Waiting for the FTL spool to cycle, I made some minor ship repairs while LT Ulixes continued an evasive flight pattern away from the planet's orbit. At approximately 18:40, we successfully returned to Cerberus.


  • BOTH Delphi and Caprica City are guarded by a basestar. The one in Delphi appears to be used for some manner of freighter work, whereas the one in Caprica City simply hovers over the city proper. Neither basestar left their positions even upon detection of Harrier-411.
  • DELPHI is as brightly lit as it was pre-Warday, city lights visible from a distance, and overall appearing rather unscathed. DRADIS picked-up definite readings of biological life, which numbers in the tens of thousands. There is no way to determine from the data if these signatures are human or skinjob.
  • CAPRICA CITY is like Delphi, only more so. More lights, more biological signatures that are consistent with those of humans, more Raiders and Heavy Raiders. The metropolitan area is so inundated with Cylon aerocraft that it's reminiscent of rush hour traffic.

Delphi and Caprica City are more or less intact. The Cylons haven't so much destroyed Caprica as they've moved in and set up house.



Please see attached.

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