PHD #129: AAR - CAP and Viper Systems Test


06 Jul 2041 AE

FR: CPT Ibrahim Sitka
TO: COL Andrus Pewter (CO)
CC: MAJ Clive Tillman (XO), MAJ Cidra Hahn (CAG)
RE: Combat Air Patrol and Viper Systems Testing Incident Summary


At approximately 22:00 hours, on the last leg of a modified combat air patrol incorporating viper systems testing and involving myself, LT Alessandra Sophronia, LT Kal Trask, LTJG Michael Orr, LTJG Psyche Athenos, LTJG Tisiphone Apostolos and PO1 Lessa Morgenfield, we began inexplicably experiencing symptoms consistent with carbon dioxide poisioning. Due to the gradual onset of these symptoms, and I believe the amount of time we had been engaged in the systems testing, none of us realised what was occurring until the condition was quite advanced.

Basic systems testing had been completed, and we were about to embark upon the final leg of the test battery: advanced flight maneuvering. I gave the order for a full unloaded extension run, in order to test outputs of engines one, two and three under full load conditions when I began feeling lightheaded and dizzy. LT Sophronia complained of the same, as did LTJG Orr. Miday through the exercise, the symptoms became more pronounced and I ordered the other pilots to abort. We then heard a single gunshot over the wireless band, and I asked for all pilots to give their status. LT Trask and LTJG Orr were unaccounted for.

At this point, I apprised Cerberus Command of the situation and requested an RTB for the patrol, as well as a SAR raptor for LT Trask, LTJG Orr and PO1 Morgenfield. By this point, the symptoms being experienced by the crew were reaching critical levels; I decided to disconnect my life support, and did a flyby of LT Trask's raptor, whereupon I discovered that his pilot had been killed, and the raptor subsequently jumped.

The vipers were able to successfully RTB, with MAJ Hahn and LTJG McCoy providing support to LT Sophronia, who had succumbed heavily to carbon monoxide poisoning. LT Trask was later recovered by SAR teams, though both his pilot and passenger were found to be dead.




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