PHD #086: AAR - CAP 23 May 2041


23 May 2041 AE

FR: LT Jeremiah Bell
TO: RADM Michael Abbot (CO)
CC: MAJ Clive Tillman, (XO), MAJ Cidra Hahn, (CAG)
RE: Combat Air Patrol Incident Summary


INCIDENT SUMMARY: At approximately 1815 hours the crew of Harrier 651 witnessed a flash of light come from Harrier 305. Simultaneously, Harrier 305's IFF transponder ceased transmitting Colonial recognition codes. The crew of Harrier 305 transmitted a mayday. Harrier 651 initiated Search and Rescue operations, while all three Viper elements closed to provide space superiority support.

At approximately 15 kilometers from 305's position, three Cylon basestars jumped into position around the damaged craft and launched Raiders. A squadron-sized group surrounded Harrier 305, while the remainder of enemy forces moved to intercept inbound Colonial vessels. Vipers briefly engaged, sustaining 3 casualties and destroying 5 enemy craft. Force disparity rapidly reached overwhelming proportions, and RTB order was issued before Harrier 651 could reach Harrier 305's position.

Last transmissions from Harrier 305 indicated that the Cylons boarded her craft, rather than destroying her outright. This is a deviation from previously observed enemy conduct.


  • MAJ Cidra Hahn (Element Wing, Snow Petrels)
  • LT Jeremiah Bell (Flight Lead, Element Lead, Snow Petrels)
  • LT Marcus Aiello (NPC) (Flight Lead, Mighty Lions) (KIA)
  • LTJG Victoria Emerson (NPC) (Pilot, Harrier 305) (MIA)
  • LTJG Alexander Zhivkova (NPC) (ECO, Harrier 305) (MIA)
  • LTJG Daisy McCoy (Pilot, Harrier 651) (NPC)
  • ENS Ethan Weber (Pilot, Harrier 651)
  • ENS Tomas Malone (Element Lead, Black Knights)
  • ENS Ronald Ubieta (NPC) (Element Wing, Black Knights) (KIA)
  • ENS Melody Krahling (NPC) (Element Wing, Mighty Lions) (KIA)


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