PHD #387: AAR - Basestar Engagement of 20 Mar - Ground


25 Mar 2042 AE

FR: CPT Zane Mathers
TO: COL Andrus Pewter
CC: MAJ Clive Tillman, CPT Cora Nikephoros, MAJ Madilyn Willows-Cavanaugh
RE: Engagement PHD 387


On PHD 387, following the Airwing engagement of three basestars and the subsequent disabling of all three by the Areion's efforts, a CMC dispatchment with Engineering detail commenced with a standard breach, board and sweep.

Upon entering the apparent flight deck of the Basestar, the team touched down in what can only be described as a living hangar, the floors and walls a type of flesh. Ample samples were taken by the technicians as the area was swept and deemed clear before the teams advanced into two forward corridors. Minor obstruction was observed as Centurions which seemed to be disabled in the same manner as the ship. During the progression down the forward halls, the Alpha team encountered what was assumed as two Cylon Humanoid models, identification made by auditory markers rather than visual as the pair were barricaded and began opening fire in the confines. Alpha team advanced to disable the Humanoids by destroying aforementioned barricade when they encountered a booby trap in the form of a jury-rigged mine which was detonated by the movement. Casualties were sustained, but the barricade was successfully destroyed.

While the fireteam was engaged, the ECM team identified a large heat source that was not linked to either the mine explosion nor the usage of the team's heavy weapons. It was decided to press on further into the Basestar heading for an area referred to as the 'Hybrid Chamber', using extreme caution after the technician team was able to disable any further, likely booby traps.

Upon entering the 'Hybrid Chamber', the two Humanoids the fireteam were in pursuit of were found dead at the entry way, and the model identified as Three was holding a knife and was near the Hybrid we have come to learn controls the ship they are linked with. Captain Cora Nikephoros engaged the Three and subsequently gave the order that a shot was to be taken to disarm the Three so he could be taken into custody. It was then made known that the Hybrid was dying, and with it the self destruction of the ship began as the shot was taken by Sergeant Lysander, but the Three died during the turmoil surrounding the self-destruct sequence of the Basestar. Immediate evac was ordered.

Ample footage of the Basestar was recorded using headcam technology and remains available for review. Notably, the Humanoid models seem to have recreational areas aboard their ship and there were 12 vats in the Hybrid Chamber similar to the one the Hybrid is known to occupy, totaling 13. Audio of the conversation with the Three was also recorded.

Captain Zane Mathers, XO, Bravo Company




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