PHD #140: AAR - Audumbla Breakout


16 Jul 2041 AE

FR: MAJ Clive Tillman (XO)
TO: CMDR Laughlin
CC: COL Pewter, MAJ Hahn
RE: Audumbla Breakout


Following the intelligence procured from the captured Eleven, it had been suspected that the Cylons would know of our position at the Anchorage. The breakout was planned for 16 JUL. The Corsair proceeded out under heavy escort of missile-armed Raptors. When it arrived at the exit, it began spooling FTL. The Cerberus and Praetorian jumped onto the other side of the basestar which was guarding the exit. The engagement went smoothly until the Corsair jumped away. A DRADIS ghost was spotted a few moments prior to massive failure across almost all the systems aboard the Cerberus. Praetorian was unaffected. At this point, MAJ Hahn ordered the relaunch of all aircraft while CIC was completely blind.

The Air Wing engaged a total of four basestars, one of which was attempting to ram the Cerberus. The physical engagement of this basestar was the hardest and four pilots rammed their Vipers into the powerplant to prevent the loss of the Cerberus. Power was restored to CIC shortly thereafter at the expense of life support and the remainder of the Cerberus Battlegroup jumped away.




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