PHD #413: AAR - Areion Air Coup


15 Apr 2042 AE

FR: CPT Kal "Bootstrap" Trask
TO: CPT Aron "Broadside" Matise (interim CAG: CVW-14 / SL: VF-213); CPT Khloe "Poppy" Vakos (SL: VF-154); et al.
CC: MAJ Clive Tillman (XO); CPT Cora Nikephoros (TACCO); et al.
RE: Areion Air Coup


At approximately 1438 hours on 15 Apr 2042 AE, four (4) members of the VX-4 "Foxfires" led by CPT Jenny "Zooms" Carmichael flew towards Cerberus' Combat Air Patrol claiming that they were testing their recently repaired birds. Zooms then started to change trajectory, and her engine emissions started to fluctuate. I advised her to abort the maneuver lest her blow. It was also then that I captured an encrypted ultra-high-frequency transmission from Areion. Shortly afterwards, Carmichael started to call 'Krypter' and her comms fizzled and seemingly cut-out.

LT Ellinon noticed an RCS explosion on her starboard wing, the panel having been blown off in a shower of sparks. The light from her engine flickered and then faded entirely. Her wingman, LT Leslie "Mix-Up" Ebers, called 'Krypter' and requested SAR. As there was nothing indicating that Carmichael was in any imminent danger, nor that her ship was compromised beyond a loss of power, I decided to maintain CAP formation and forwarded the SAR request to dispatch. At this point, Ebers grew incensed and doubled-back to check on Carmichael after flipping me and LT Evandreus "Bunny" Doe the proverbial bird.

It was then that Carmichael's bird powered-up, obviously not damaged, and her cohorts unleashed a series of missiles at Cerberus' Combat Air Patrol while she opened fire upon us with KEW. The Viper of ENS Beauregard Burke was immediately destroyed by enemy fire, and the Viper of LT Pallas "Spiral" Ellinon was heavily damaged. The Raptor piloted by LT Doe was unscathed.

At this point, Commander Rudolph Kepner came over the airwaves to announce that he had taken control of the Fleet, executed CDR Michael Laughlin, and was holding the rest of Fleet Command and each non-Areion DH hostage.

Afterwards, Carmichael ordered us to RTB but would not permit us to retrieve ENS Burke. When I said we'd claim our rook, she said "Try and die, Boots" but then told the rest of us to RTB. When LT Ellinon refused to leave behind his wingman, Carmichael ordered LT "Jumper" and LT "Slacks" to "just go ahead and do that thing you do" and tacked on that is was nothing personal. The nose of Ellinon's Viper was then lightly bumped by aforementioned pilots, which caused his bird to disintegrate around him. LT Doe and I were permitted to retrieve Ellinon and, with great reluctance, returned to Cerberus without ENS Burke.




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