PHD #174: AAR - Aigosthena Mission


19 August 2041 AE

FR: LT C. Nikephoros
TO: COL A. Pewter
CC: MAJ C. Tillman, MAJ C. Hahn, CPT I. Sitka
RE: Aigosthena Mission


At 1000 hours, team landed two Raptors at Aigosthena. Approach to the village was blocked by a spike-lined pit-trap too wide to jump across and spanning the entire width of the road. Options were to slog through mud to one side or attempt water crossing on other. Marines ruled out mud as likely to be mined, and it was decided that a small team would swim to and recover an abandoned rowboat some twenty meters off-shore for use either in ferrying personnel or constructing a bridge over the pit.

LT Oberlin, LT Paris, LTJG Macer, ENS Apostolos, SGT Constin, and CRN Wolfe volunteered to swim to the boat. As they reached it, LT Trask in the Raptor reported detecting an energy surge from the boat's position. Simultaneously, personnel reaching the boat noted an explosive device within ticking down. Approximately three seconds later, the device detonated. LT Paris appeared to have become stuck attempting to flee the boat and was KIA. LT Oberlin suffered severe internal injuries as a result of the shockwave and CRN Wolfe was badly hit by the blast as well. LTJG Macer was knocked unconscious but otherwise uninjured, and ENS Apostolos and SGT Constin escaped with minor injuries.

As LT Drew provided medical attention to those requiring it, LCPL Maragos and several others reported hearing cries for help coming from a building in the village. LT Oberlin and ENS Apostolos responded in Sagittaran but no further reply was heard. At this point, I ordered RTB.

Before return could be effected, approximately fifteen armed, hostile soldiers rose out of trenches concealed in the mud alongside the pit. The leader was a woman who identified herself eventually as 'Melpomene' and whose voice I recognized from the decrypted SSLF transmission picked up by our recon Raptor. She claimed to be familiar with the cylons but uninterested in rescue, and proceeded to execute a man she claimed was CPT Eleon McCrae, and to threaten the safety of our personnel should we not vacate Sagittaron in 24 hours time. We then RTB.




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