PHD #169: AAR - Aerilon Recon Redux


14 Aug 2041

FR: LT Kal Trask (acting SL: VAQ-141)
TO: MAJ Cidra Hahn (CAG)
CC: COL A. Pewter (CO), MAJ C. Tillman (XO), LT C. Oberlin (Intel), et al.
RE: Renewed Aerilon Reconnaissance


On 14 Aug 2041 at approximately 1400hrs, LTJG Doe and I made a series of jumps to Aerilon as part of renewed reconnaissance efforts. The objectives of this mission were to (1) investigate the anticipated presence of the Cylon battle fleet; and (2) determine the probability and location of Colonial survivors.

  • Upon entry into the system, we detected neither basestars nor patrolling Raiders, so we commenced our planetary descent. Based on our recon, it appears that the Cylons have vacated, presumably to concentrate their efforts and resources on other Colonies.
  • On the planet's surface, we detected several Cylon bases (detailed in Exhibit A) that match the description of those found on Sagittaron. Rather peculiarly, most of them are located near areas that were unpopulated pre-Warday. Extensive scans revealed them to be powered down, and the AAA we noticed was aimed skyward but dormant.
  • The wide farming basins we chose to scope out (detailed in Exhibit B) were either destroyed or abandoned. This was consistent on all continents.
  • As we did a sweep of the Blue Mountains, we saw what appeared to be plumes of smoke of the non-forest fire variety (detailed in Exhibit C). Upon our Raptor's approach, it quickly disappeared, presumably doused. Biological scans were indicative of survivors.

At this point, it is my recommendation that any planetary excursions start with Aerilon for the following reasons: (1) lack of Cylon presence; (2) lack of insurgent presence; (3) it's the most likely location to acquire untainted seed stocks; and (4) most of the populace in the Blue Mountains region has civilian flight experience, which potentially means prospective nuggets.



OOC: There is no log due to this event happening off-camera.

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