PHD #015: AAR - A Test of Gold


13 Mar 2041 AE

FR: Constantine Thyestes Atreus, Chief Petty Officer
TO: Michael Abbot, Admiral
CC: Clive Tillman, Major
RE: Death of Colonel Sarkis, Master Sergeant Barclay and Chief Petty Officer Twitch(NPC); Injury of ChEng Gabrieli; Fire.


At 2149 hours, Captain Dominic Gabrieli called for a damage control team over the com. The location was given as the XO's office. PO 3rd Zosime and I met Lieutenant Junior Grade Parres, Petty Officer Ter Avest, and Crewman Wolfe from Engineering in the corridor leading to the XO's quarters. Chief Twitch was already in place with his crew. An explosion had sealed the hatch and there was a fire within. The hatch was forced with acetylene torches and axes. Medical was called and the fire put out. Colonel Sarkis, Master at Arms Barclay and Captain Gabrieli were within. The Colonel and Master Sergeant were pronounced dead at the scene. Captain Gabrieli was taken for treatment to medical. Once the patient was removed, I evacuated the room and sealed it pending investigation.




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