PHD #381: A Sensible Adjustment
A Sensible Adjustment
Summary: Cora informs Frederick that his proposal to have civilians take over sanitation efforts on the Elpis has been approved.
Date: 14 March 2042 AE
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Cora Frederick 
TACCO's Office
It's a very boring office.
Post-Holocaust Day: #381

Frederick is on time. He is punctual to the point that one might wonder if he was waiting outside, eyeing his watch, and counting the seconds until knocking on the TACCO's door at the appointed time. "Captain Nikephoros," he greets in a practiced, polished baritone.

"Did you synchronize your watch on your last visit, Mr Adrastos?" Cora inquires, one brow cocking in faintly amused question as Frederick is allowed entry. "Please, have a seat," she goes on, closing the laptop on her desk and reaching instead for a folder atop one of the stacks nearby. "I have good news and bad news," she informs him, watching with mild interest as she inquires, "Which would you prefer that we begin with?"

"I judged Leonis Mean Time to be of.. slightly less practicality than the Fleet's chronometers after our last conversation, Captain," Frederick returns with a small smile upon entry. He offers a short bow of the head and shoulders before settling into the offered chair smoothly. "Shall we begin with the important news, and let good or bad follow afterward?"

"A sensible adjustment," Cora agrees with Frederick. She waits as he takes a seat and makes his choice, smiling faintly at it. "Very well," she agrees easily, arm stretching out to pass over the folder she holds, "Your plan for civilian take-over of sanitation operations aboard the Elpis has been approved by Command. As you see there were a few minor changes made," the appropriate pages of his plan flagged with handy plastic flags in an eye-catching yellow, "In terms of access procedures and 'hiring' policies, but you are free to begin organizing the change-over immediately."

"Very good," Frederick comments, upon the news, glancing down to briefly inspect the flagged elements. "I may submit a proposal in the future to modify these ammendments, presuming that the program meets with Command's satisfaction after a reasonable period," he notes before nodding and returning his eye to meet cora's. "But this is quite acceptable. Have the Fleet personnel aboard Elpis been briefed on this, as of yet, Captain?"

"If you like," Cora replies, non-committal, though she goes on in case her tone was not clear enough, "Any amendments you'd like to propose in the future will again require command review and approval, but you're welcome to submit them. I would agree that waiting a reasonable period after the institution of the program would be best." As for Fleet personnel, she shakes her head at his question, "The captain has been informed, but additional briefings are in progress. As suggested, there will be a transitional period of collaboration between incoming civilian works and the Support staff currently assigned to this project, so as to ensure as smooth a hand-over as possible."

Frederick nods again. "Understood, Captain. May I keep this file for future review?" he asks, as a formality, manner still that of an easy composure. "If the Captain would like, I hasve prepared an initial list of twenty cantidates for Fleet review and- if I may be so optimistic- approval." The smile quirks briefly deeper, as he draws out another data drive from his pocket, and places it on the table.

Cora nods in a similar fashion, confirming, "You may. That copy is yours to keep on file." His wording draws the faintest flaring of nostrils, like a brief, silent snort, one that matches the dry undertone as she replies, "The captain would, I'm sure." She retrieves the drive from the desk and places it in a drawer, shutting it again and replying, "Their review will be expedited so that things can get underway. The program will be announced publically within the next several days and we'd like there to be as little lag between the statement and the first stages of implementation as possible."

Frederick inclines his head. "The civilian half of the equation will be prepared by tomorrow, Captain," the gentleman states. "If there are no difficulties in the proposed personnel roster, Fleet-civilian briefings can take place in advance of the announcement, so that- if you like, the civilians can be doing the work by the time of the announcement?"

"Pending approval of the personnel on this list," Cora again caveats, and refuses to commit to a precise timeline on said approvals, "Yes, that will do. And while we are speaking of Marine approvals," she changes the subject, "I am afraid that when it comes to your razor you will need to submit the proper request forms and wait for them to be processed, and it does not seem likely that they will return the item to you given its potential as a weapon."

Frederick lets out a breath, the affected regret tempered by the smile he cracks halfway through the words. "Alas and alack. It seems I am doomed to mediocre grooming habits until the war for final survival is won, Captain. Or- I suppose- until the civilian population ceases any irrational behavior, which I think we both know is the less likely of those scenarios."

"Or until you decide to enlist," Cora tacks on the third possible option, "But I'm afraid you're likely correct, Mr Adrastos, as to the other. Unfortunately, the risk is too great at this point, and the prevention of a security threat, however unlikely, must take precedence. You are, of course, welcome to submit the request to the marines, as I said, and maybe in the future they will evaluate the situation differently."

Frederick dips his head, raising one hand to add a near-salute to the motion. "I thank the Captain for her advice on the subject." A broad smile following the words. "It is not unexpected. After all, the military is famous for it's fondness of regulations. I am quite content to see the rules bent on the subject that is.. more popularly valuable."

"If you could stop referring to me in the third person, Mr Adrastos, I would appreciate it," Cora says, tone once again a shade dry, though not unfriendly, "And yes, a fondness for regulations is extremely popular in the military, for obvious reasons. To some, more than ever, now." To others, her tone at least hints, less so. "I commend you on your sensible priorities," she offers, lips curving faintly.

Frederick inquires with a raised brown brow, "In what manner would you prefer to be referred to?" The question is accompanied with a composed smile, his default expression in a social situation.

"'Captain Nikephoros' is perfectly acceptable," Cora replies simply, "Or just 'Captain'. It's the third person I object to, not the rank."

"Truly?" Frederick queries, head going to a slight angle with Cora's answer. "Interesting. Consider it corrected, Captain." A moment's musing before he adds, "I suppose it doesn't have quite the same ring as 'the lady' or 'the gentleman', does it?" A fresh breath is drawn before Frederick comments, "Is there anything further on the subject of the janitorial program?"

"Truly," Cora confirms, "No, not quite the same ring. And one-on-one I find the indirectness of it off-putting." She says, directly. Lips curve faintly in a brief moment of humor and then she shakes her head, "No I don't believe there is, unless you have any questions on the subject?"

Frederick laughs quietly, deep in his throat. "Need you be so blunt in addressing this distaste for evasiveness?" he queries around a bemused smile. Exhaling a deep breath to do a mental inventory, "I believe that is all on the subject of janitorial matters, Captain. Shall I presume you will be sending an inspector to review the proceedings, in the next few days?"

"I think I must," Cora replies, "Unless you would have me be a hypocrite, Mr Adrastos? That seems like an unlikely quality to desire in anyone, least of all one's chief contact in the military." She smiles slightly, just for a moment, and then moves on with a nod, "There will be an inspector sent, yes. Support will handle that, now that the request has been through the system this matter is outside my purview."

"Of the list of desirable qualities, Captain, hypocrisy is not mourned for it's absence," Frederick returns, with a slight tip of his head, maintaining eye contact. On the subject of the inspector, he notes, "I imagine that will complete my interactions with the office of the TACCO, then. At least until such a time as operations require the attention of that high office."

"I should think not," Cora replies to Frederick evenly, without dropping her gaze. Nor does it shift as she nods, "I expect so. My job deals very little with civilian matters, except in rare occasions such as this when the XO decides to send them my way. He is, of course, extremely busy, so I cannot rule out it happening again, but I shouldn't expect so. I wish you good luck with your endeavor," she offers, "Perhaps we will run into each other on the Elpis if Condition Two is ever lifted again."

"An uncertain proposition at best," Frederick returns dryly to the subject of lifting Condition Two. "Thank you for the best wishes, Captain. I look forward to that uncertain proposition," he adds with a quiet chuckle, before rising again from his seat.

"It does seem that way at the moment, unfortunately," Cora confirms, "But we may manage it yet. At least there has been this reprieve the last few days, to regroup and repair and rest our pilots. Maybe we'll get lucky and they won't risk another assault." She shrugs, not seeming much convinced of that possibility herself, and then rises as well, nodding, "I look forward to it as well, and of hearing how your project goes. If you run into any issues with Support, let me know, I may be able to fit in another meeting."

"I have long been of the opinion that one makes their own luck, Captain. Until we meet again," Frederick voices in answer. Another short bow of the head and shoulders in parting, before turning to take his leave.

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