PHD #279: EVENT - A Kind Word and A Gun
A Kind Word and A Gun
Summary: A salvage team encounters trouble. New survivors are found.
Date: 02 December 2041 AE
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Post-Holocaust Day: #279

Ezra Taim and the Raupatu survivors form their own little enclave at the Taeryth base camp, hovering somewhere between civilian s (which they technically are) and military (which many of them seem to half-consider themselves). Most of the rescuees housed in the warehouse facility stay there, glad for the safety of the Colonial presence, but a team, led by Raupatu leader Ezra Taim, has requested permission to venture back out, to check on an alternate camp site and gather some supplies left behind. With military personnel already spread thin working salvage and SAR details, the request is granted, and radio contact maintained at intervals, as much as the comms interference from the radiation levels will allow. It's the next morning when word comes from Taim that the junkyard nearby might be of interest to a salvage team, and that a Raptor to help cart back some medical supplies would be helpful. And so a team is assembled, one Raptor flying off towards the coordinates arranged, some distance away in a suburb of Minos. It's not a long flight, or an eventful one, at least until a scratchy radio transmission comes in from Taim — something about trouble, but only a little bit? The radiation here closer to Minos is stronger than at the camp, and the message is garbled, but the Raupatu leader didn't sound all that distressed. ENS "Classy" Butler in the pilot's seat, however, is nervous. "Flasher, you gettin' deja vu back there kinda?" he calls over his shoulder.

"Heh, was thinking the same thing, Classy." Marko chuckles ruefully, settling back in his seat for the ride and letting his eyes drift across the readouts on his board. "Let's hope we find something halfway useful." he comments. "I keep scanning the channel that we picked up that trouble signal, so far, nothing." he reports.

Tauron! This planet boggles Sofia, but she's happy to go out when she can. She hums, settled into her seat. She looks around at the others. She's quiet, looking thoughtful and distant. Fidget goes the snipe. Fidget. Squirm.

Vandenberg went along if not just to come back and talk at Taim some more. Probably more it is so she can just get off the ship. Clad in the standard mission gear, the GMAR is settled between her knees and pointed towards the roof of the Raptor. She rolls her head back and forth in the helmet against the seatback, but her head perks up at the mention of trouble. Likely they Raptor crew doesn't know more than she does. The woman glances to Corrath and then back to Cameron. "Got a medical kit with you, Doc?" she calls over the interior sounds.

Sitting quietly in the back of the Raptor, Cameron hugs his medkit pack to his chest, ready to don it once they land. His chin rubs slightly into the heavy duty canvas material covering the kit as he listens to the military hubbub around him. Here to help identify any useful medical equipment, and also just in case of any medical problems or emergencies. He's not sure exactly who signed him up for this run, but he's not exactly complaining. His gaze rests briefly on Sofia before moving on and resting on Vandenberg. It stays there longer till she asks him a question, a smile curling his lips as he replies, "Always."

For a man who seems to routinely avoid these types of missions, Corrath has seemingly drawn the unlucky straw this evening. With his helmet resting almost idly against the back of the seat and if one were to look closely, they'd see he's actually got his eyes closed. It's not until the mention of 'trouble' that the S2's head lolls forward, eyes opening to shift over to Vand and then to Cameron. "Let's just hope you won't need to use it, Doc."

"Let's hope so, Flash, let's hope so," Classy says, the last words more of a mumble than anything else. The ensign reaches out to touch the control panel in front of him — not in a useful fashion, but sort of stroking the edge of the console, almost like he's consoling (haha) the ship at the memory of previous damage. "Alright, boys and girls," he says, "Marines, I hope you're all ready, 'case we're dropping into another little fracas again. And yeah, I said 'fracas'. Look it up. Oh, and ready for landing." And with that, the ship dives down toward the surface. It's not a moment or two after they break the low cloud cover that Classy reports, "I've got a visual, looks too damn familiar, Flash, we've got gunfire, I'm pretty sure… but more cover!" he offers, sounding pleasantly surprised, "I'm gonna put down out of the way a little so y'all can head up on foot. That all right, El-Tees?"

Sofia shrinks a little when Cameron looks over. She doesn't seem entirely at ease. She just nods at the comment of hopefully not needing the medical kit. Hopefully. She quirks her brows at the news. "Shooting already…?" The news of cover is somewhat reassuring, but the snipe doesn't seem thrilled.

<FS3> Marko rolls Computers: Success.

"Copy that, Classy." Marko replies. "Bringing the camera pods on line now." he says, touching a key. As the Raptor's cameras track in, Marko's screen fills with images from below. Taim and Eddie on one side, exchanging fire with another group. "Two friendlies at one four two carom zero zero one." he reports. "Can't get a good headcount of the hostiles yet."

The female Lieutenant chuckles to Corrath and shakes her head. "Nah. I'd bet one of Taim's boys got a papercut or something. Or they dropped something valuable and it'll need fixing. No offense Doc, but civilians have a different take on trouble than the military. Wanna hear about trouble, talk to Crewman Wolfe. I hear she's a little daredevil." She gives him a reassuring smile and leans her head back once more, hands patting her rifle back and forth on the pivot of the butt. Just another day at the office. A quick wink to Sofia. But then Classy starts talking about gunfire. That smile disappears. She spins the rifle over in place and chambers a round. "Yeah. Ready for insertion - don't worry, I know you guys think you're pro's at that, too." Tit-for-tat! The woman then rises fram her seat and takes hold of a handrail on the ceiling. "Sounds good! Set it down and let's go see what the hub-bub's about!" The woman clicks her radio: "Taim, this is Dog Actual on approach. We're approaching from the northeast. Hold fire that direction. You copy?"

There is no vitriol, no hostility or animosity in Cameron's gaze when it settles on Sofia. Whatever their differences, it seems the man doesn't hold a grudge. But he likewise doesn't appear to be quite comfortable being so close to her again, his blue eyes sidling away when she shifts uncomfortably, his own hand unneccessarily resettling the pack on his lap. Eyes flicker to Corrath, another small smile touching his lips as Cameron concurs, "Indeed. I could use an easy mission for a change." Mission. How strange to be a civilian on a 'mission'. Welcome to the new world. His lips thin a little at the mention of a fight going on down below. Lovely. Guess it's good he came after all.

Corrath is answering Vand's chuckle with one of his own, followed almost immediately by a mimic'd shake of his head, "Hey, I'm not going to complain if that's all this is, El-Tee. I'm just here for a friendly stroll through the park, get some fresh air. You know how it is." Of course, that would be a little too much to ask for. Eyes play between the others in the Raptor, darting to Sofia, then to Marko before shifting back to Cameron. That's when the mention of gunfire is heard and a soft groan escapes the man's lips. "Well, somehow .. I'm not surprised. Your show, now, El-Tee." Taking that moment, his own rifle is readied, a round chambered, as he begins to rise from his seat.

"Copy that, sirs," Classy replies to Marko and Vandenberg collectively. He hovers long enough for the ECO to put those cameras to work, and then sets the Raptor down with a bit of a bump and a scrape on a gravely patch of ground behind a building just around a corner from where the apparent battle is taking place. The sound of gunfire is louder now as the Raptor's engines slow to a softer hum, echoing off the empty buildings that surround the sort of courtyard — actually a playground, it will be seen as they get closer — that the two groups are shooting at each other across.

Sofia is quirky, but still. She doesn't seem to hold a /grudge/. It's just a general unease and fearfulness. Her toes curl a little. She quirks a brow as he mentions mission. There's a smile as Classy winks at her. "Me? I don't know if forgetting to duck makes me a daredevil, but thank you," She admits shyly. She takes a deep breath and watches the others then, for her cue. She settles then, to listen for a moment and gather herself.

"Your party now, Lieutenant." Marko calls as he toggles open the door. "Good luck!" he adds as he double checks to make sure everything that camera's picked up has been recorded. "If there was ever a time to start installing door guns on these things, I think it's now." he grumbles.

"Bah." Vandenberg smirks once. Some people are just used to it. "Listen up," she says to everyone in the Raptor that is about to depart. "Nobody fires until either they shoot at us or I open fire. Mister Scaurus: see if you can get a solid ID on who it is shooting and contact me on the radios. Might not hurt to buzz them and show them that they're firing at the military. Your discretion." A hand drops to the sidearm on her leg and she hands it over to Cameron by the barrel. "Doc? You don't use that unless you have to. Stay behind cover as much as possible." She then glances to Sofia. "Watch for direction from Lieutenant O'Hare and I." With that said, she turns and thunks her boots across the Raptor's wing and jumps onto the ground, scooting up to the corner of the building with her rifle up.

Cameron accepts the gun from Vandenberg with a hint of surprise in his eyes. But then they sober and steady, his head bobbing in assent as he replies, "I'll do my best." As the sound of gunfire grows louder, the doctor visibly settles his nerves. Until the end of the world he'd never been shot before. Now it's becoming an alarmingly frequent event.

There's a soft cluck of Corrath's tongue against the roof of his mouth as he listens to Vandenberg dish out some 'orders'. Eyes flit in the direction of Sofia, giving her a quick nod of his head, followed by a flash of a smile, "Follow the Lieutenant. I'll bring up the rear." Then, he's simply moving to follow Vandenberg out of the Raptor, down to the ground, though he doesn't make his way over towards the building. Rather, he simply drops to a knee, rifle raised up as he lifts hand to motion Sofia and Cameron to move after Vand.

Sofia nods at Vandenberg and Corrath, "Yes sirs." She smiles a little but it fades fast. She gathers herself and any gear she has up. She smiles weakly at Cameron before scooting along after. She takes a deep breath. off they go.

The two groups are arrayed — as much as can be seen — on opposite sides of the playground, which was probably depressing even before the nuclear apocalypse. Gravel, cracked pavement, splintery-looking woodchips, and an array of rusty metal equipment of the sort most places phased out a decade or so ago at least. There are also low walls enclosing parts of the area and benches scattered about as well, and it's behind these that most of the Raupatu and their adversaries seem to be hiding. Taim and Eddie are behind a long bit of wall just ahead, within shouting distance, and could even be run to, if someone's feeling like taking a bit of a chance.

"What d'ya say, Classy, feel like buzzing some hostiles?" Marko asks, tightening his harness and toggling the door closed. "Few low passes oughta give 'em something else to think about shooting up our Marines and the Raupatu."

"Whatever you say, boss," Classy replies to Marko, tugging at his own harness, which he has not bothered to unfasten, "You gonna try to get them on the radio or should I be… I dunno, rustling up some piss ballons to drop on 'em or something? What's the plan? I don't think I can get close enough to backwash them too much or nothing."

Vandenberg looks the scene over with a quick assesment and slips the goggles off her helmet and down in front of her eyes. She glances back towards the other three and lifts her hand in a very obvious 'HOLD' gesture. She then ducks her head back from the corner and shouts to the Rapatau, hiding herself from surprised gunfire: "TAIM!" A pause. "Lieutenant Vandenberg! Cerberus Marines!" She waggles the barrel of her rifle around the corner briefly before peeking around. "How many and who are they?!" she yells, her voice carrying much more than five feet and two inches of size.

Cameron looks actively surprised when Sofia offers him a smile, and he does his best to return the gesture, though the line of his lips is more crooked and worried than exactly friendly. He follows after Vandenberg, using her body language and position as a cue for his own. His pack is once again slung onto his back for easier carrying. It makes him a bigger target, but also gives a bullet a much wider range of unimportant things to hit as well. A fair trade. As instructed, he carries the weapon low and pointed toward the ground as he moves, the safety still on. For now. Turning his eyes to Van he recommends mildly the additional question of, "Anyone hurt?"

Hey! Taim! Sofia seems to remember that one. She peers over. And Eddie! There's a stifled grin at that. But it lasts only for a second. She scoots along behind the others, hoping they don't find her. The bullets, that is. She oomphs, sliding a little. Whatever she thinks, she's quiet.

Watching as the other two disembark from the Raptor, Corrath eyes play over in the direction of Vandenberg, only to catch that hold sign. There's a simple nod of his head and for a moment, the S2's turning his attention to the surrounding area, that he can see. After but a moment, he's looking back in the direction of Van and that building, to at least get himself behind some semblance of cover.

"No, but we can distract the living hell out of them." Marko replies, fingers starting to fly across the Raptor's ESM gear as he tries to see if there's any radio traffic coming from the hostiles. "If I can find their frequency, I can jam the living frak out of it." he adds with a nasty smirk. "That should get their attention.."

<FS3> Marko rolls ECM: Bad Failure.

"Good timing, Lieutenant!" Taim shouts back to Vandenberg after a quick peek over his shoulder. Then he's shifting to inch his gaze up over the edge of the wall and fire off a few shots. Eddie beside him does basically the same thing, though while Taim looks grimly determined and maybe even a touch exhilerated, his young sidekick looks grey and positively ill. "How many've you got with you?" Taim calls in question before cutting off any answer to suggest, "Come join us so we haven't got to shout, we'll cover ya."

Classy, for his part, chuckles a little and replies, "Alright Flash, but if you want piss balloons you just let me know. I've got damn good aim, I promise." On the ECO's orders he revs the engines and flicks the switch to shut the door, readying to take off again and distract the shooters. "You get their signal, boss?" he asks, "Maybe if we jam 'em they'll start talkin'. Or just run away. Never know!" he adds hopefully.

"Looks like you get to ask him yourself, Doc," Vandenberg says over her shoulder to Cameron with a frim nod. "Alright everyone, we're breatin' feet! I want a one-two count between each person. Lieutenant O'Hare will bring up the rear. I'll lead off." She then looks back around. "We're on the move! Lay it down, Rapautu!" And with that, she's off and running at full speed for the wall. No attention drawn to her except the movement, she isn't firing yet.

"…No!" Marko shouts as his ECM gear starts tracking as per normal, then fifteen seconds later, dies a sudden and horrible death, screens going down one by one in a seemingly unstoppable tidal wave of electronics failure. "It's not my fault! It's not!" he says, frantically working to bring the equipment back on line. "Better heat up those piss balloons, Classy, this godsdamn gear just ate itself." he says, unstrapping himself and starting to all but dive into the maintenance hatches, scrambling with one hand for the system manual.

The distance isn't great, and Taim and Eddie and the other Raupatu pop up out of their hiding places behind bits of wall and bouncy horses and lay down sufficient covering fire to get the Colonials across. Bullets fly, pinging off benches and zinging off slides, the noise of all those richochets and rebounds making it sound like there are three times as many shooters as the dozen at most that are really present.

"Oh bliss oh rapture, oh rapture oh bliss," Cameron murmurs wryly under his breath as he moves out quickly in Van's wake, keeping low as the loud repeats of cover fire rattle on in their behalf.

<FS3> Marko rolls ECM: Good Success.

There's /some/ sympathy for Cameron. Maybe. Sofia offers a glance to Eddie but time to follow along! She moves at full speed too, half-scooting alongside cameron. Doctors deflect bullets, or was that armor? It's easy to get mixed up. Actually, she's not /that/ bad. Regardless, she's all too happy to scoot back into cover near Taim and Eddie and her fellow Cerberus people.

As people begin to move, Corrath does indeed take up the rear. Rifle raised upwards, he's scanning around, even as he begins to whistle a soft tune. As both Cameron and Sofia begin to bolt across to follow after Vandenberg, he's waiting a mere moment before following afterwards. It's only then that the man begins to sing, almost heedless of the fact that this really isn't probably isn't the time for it. "Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to get shot we go. We run all day and duck all night, Hi ho, Hi ho hi ho hi ho."

"Nice to see you, Lieutenant," Taim greets Vandenberg as she arrives, "Let me know when your people are all in." He and his team continue with the covering fire until the marines give the word, and then he ducks back down again, Eddie almost even quicker to curl up, back against the wall. "It's the bastard Cymkeitros," Taim explains to the colonials, as if this should meet something, "Caught them coming to raid our stores, just like I figured they would. Probably about half a dozen of the bleeders, we caught them coming in and pinned them down good." Eddie remains uncharacteristically silent. He doesn't appear injured, but at the same time looks like he might throw up.

"Shit!" Classy cries out, though it seems to be an automatic reaction since a moment later it's followed up with: "…what happened?" He twists, but his seatbelt is pulled very tight and he doesn't get far, head turned and tilted awkwardly to try to see what Marko is doing. "Flasher? What happened? Something break? Did we get hit?" He re-checks his own systems just in case, and then just waits, mumbling, "I think I forgot the balloons." He seems to decide this is worth pointing out, adding louder a moment later, "We're out of balloons, Flasher!" Oh noes! "So you'd better be alright back there!"

Once under cover, Cameron straightens up a bit and studies the group bemusedly. He's not exactly sure why the Raupatu are holding the fort, as it were, rather than being processed civilians, but then since he made his report to Vandenberg, he's heard nothing more on the matter. Perhaps they are not coming aboard after all? And since the Lieutenant told him so, Cameron glances over toward Taim and then the others before asking, "Anyone in need of medical assistance?" Personally, he hopes not.

Vandenberg dives into the ground next to Taim slides up to the wall. She waves her hand in a turning motion to get the people to hurry more - as if that were possible. When they're all down, she nods to him. "Just the four of us. Got a Raptor that may or may not be providing support. Comms are shit in this area so don't count on it." There's no response to the part about the 'bastard' or raiding store, but one word gets her attention. "Bleeders?? There's frakking skinjobs over there?!" She stares right back at him but hasn't lifted to fire yet. "Point them out!" Slowly, the woman lifts a glance over the wall, rifle going first as she preps to fire. The safety is flicked off.

Sofia might offer Eddie a pat on the shoulder as long as he doesn't freak when she does. She blinks. "People or skinjobs?" She looks confused. Sofia keeps out of the way so Cameron can do his job. For now, she's lingering close, her sidearm eyed warily. Hmm. Maybe a snipe's gotta do what a snipe's gotta do, for now - she holds off.

Sofia does briefly boggle at Corrath's song and kind of … eyes him. "Well, you stayed in tune at least." Good job!

Vandenberg's hand motion doesn't go unnoticed, but Corrath doesn't have an overdrive setting and he's already moving as fast as he can. When he draws close enough to the wall, he's simply diving towards it before rolling up to a knee, one shoulder pressed against it. Eyes flit in the direction of Vandenberg, then Taim, before he's looking over towards Sofia, a faint smile dancing across his lips, "Just my way of passing the time." Eyes shift back to Vandenberg as she begins to look up and over that wall, "Whatcha wanna do, El-Tee?"

"Wait for it, wait for it." Marko calls back as he manages to convince the ECM systems that they are not, in point of fact dying. "Okay…now!" he says, and reboots the system. "Ha! That did it!" he shouts triumphantly, diving back into his seat and dialing in on the enemy's radios. "Got a good signal, civillian band, call it 224.5 megacycles." he reports and locks in. "Let's see how they like this." he grins and keys the ECM generators to pound the hostile's little radios into the ground with white noise.

"I think we're all set on medical help, doc," Taim replies to Cameron, "But thanks. Bastards haven't managed to draw blood yet, this time. Can't say the same for them," he chuckles, grin not precisely kind, "Thermaes over there nailed one of them good." He is clearly pleased about this, but Vandenberg's sudden query about skinjobs draws his eyes back up and he frowns and shakes his head, "None we know of? Like I said, it's just the bastard Cymmies — the Cymkeitros. Dirty criminals, the whole lot. Should've known they'd try to snatch our stores here before long, it's in their bones." Eddie winces a little but looks up at Sofia's hand, smiling wanly, "Human," he tells her, "You've got the skinjob now. Only one we know, I mean."

When Marko cranks up the ECM and begins blasting the radios on that frequency, you can almost hear the crackle and squeal of the handsets across the playground, and there's a yelp from someone who must've been too close when the interference was introduced.

Vandenberg glances sidelong at Taim and curses. "Godsdamn. Frakkin clarify next time!" Between McManus and this, its easy to confuse. Of course, that's off in VandyLand where all logic is reversed. She settles the rifle up against her shoulder and goes to three round burst. "O'Hare? Give them ten seconds after my call. If they haven't quit? Open fire." She settles her aim on where one little guy has been popping up. "Colonial Marines!" she shouts as loud as she can. "Cease fire or you -will- regret it! You have ten seconds to throw your guns over the walls and stand up from cover with your hands behind your heads!" And so begins the count. If its ignored, its on like Donkey Kong never had it.

Crouching down behind the wall, Cameron breathes a soft sigh of relief, not risking a glance over the wall at their purported enemy. It's a hard call though. They're all human now, right? Everyone just wants to survive and will do what it takes to make it. Does that make them criminals? But he doesn't bother voicing his thoughts aloud. He doesn't know this place, these people. Maybe they are better off not offering a flag of peace to these 'Cymmies'. Still, the doctor looks uncomfortable, holding his weapon to the ground and waiting to see what will happen next as Vandenberg calls out her warning.

Just before Vandenberg stands up, Eddie mutters softly in Sofia's general direction, "You should tell 'em you're navy. They dunno, somebody should tell them before y'just kill 'em." He is still frowning even as the marine rises and makes that demand, just shaking his head a little and murmuring to himself.

Sofia looks apologetic for the mix-up. "Sorry," She blushes. She seems somewhat relieved as he smiles wanly. "That's alright. Are you okay?" She seems a bit concerned about Eddie. Though there's a look to Cameron. Then back to Eddie. A pause. "They usually just lump me in because I'm sort of habitually tagging along." This is something to ponder. "Is she doing it wrong?" She asks quietly. Maybe they don't speak Colonial Standard? She's confused. Was he making a joke? "Why's that? I'm sorry, I'm kind of slow," She admits sheepishly, whispering.

There's a faint grunt from Corrath at the confusion, though he doesn't interject into the conversation. At least, not at this point in time. Rather, he's casting a look towards Sofia and Cameron, giving each a quick nod of his head before he's looking back to Vandenberg, "Roger that. Ten seconds." A move of his thumb has the safety offering a soft *click* as it's disengaged. Eddie's comment draws his attention, though, and he's quipping out, "Navy? What's that got to do with it?" Rifle is brought to his shoulder, then he's easing up to look out over the wall, careful to listen for the end of Vandenberg's 'demands' and the beginning of the count.

Eddie glowers at Sofia and Corrath in turn, just shaking his head, and grumbling, "'cause you're the frakkin' military, ain't you? Somebody oughtta tell 'em they haven't got to be fighting over a crate of anti-rads if you've got a whole frakking ship full, innit?" He shoots a glance Taim-wards, as if concerned he'll be overheard, and then sinks back against the wall, unhappy. Taim does not look thrilled either, and comments aside to Vandenberg, "I'd watch 'em close, lieutenant, wouldn't put it past these sons of bitches to try something dirty."

From across the playground, however, there is a call that can just be made out as 'Hold!' and that's confirmed by the silencing of the Cymkeitros guns. It doesn't happen all at once, they're not that precisely trained, after all, but it happens within ten seconds. No one, however, rises above the wall right away. Instead a man's voice calls out, "How do we know you're really marines? We won't fall for another of your filthy tricks Taim, even if you did find a signal-jammer somewhere!"

A bit in his own head at the moment, absorbing what is going on around him but not really reacting to it much, Cameron doesn't notice Sofia's quick look, though he does notice Eddie's anxiety, offering softly, "We'll give them every opportunity to leave peacefully or, if they want to be rescued to the ship, that opportunity as well I should imagine." Right? Well, hopefully right.

Sofia winces at the glower. "Oh… sorry," She frowns. Sofia looks guilty. She rubs the back of her head and just stays near. She bites her lower lip. "Yeah, we'd definitely offer." She seems hopeful. Maybe. "But -" It's not really her call. She looks confused. "Ah, I'm an idiot." Sigh. She looks apologetically to Eddie and falls quiet, folding her arms.

From inside the Raptor, Classy crows a little belatedly, "Well played, boss! You're a gentleman and a scholar and all that shit. We still gonna buzz 'em?" he asks, sounding a little more excited at the prospect now that there is a marked decrease in shooting happening.

"Well, Classy, whoever's down there sure isn't going to be talking to anybody." Marko smirks as he watches the ECM lash the enemy's comm frequencies relentlessly. "Probably ever again on that gear." he adds with a hint of smugness. "Civillian radios aren't meant to take that kind of pounding. And, absolutely, Classy, buzz the living hell out of them!" he grins

Vandenberg asides quietly to Taim, her cheeck still resting on the pad of her rifle's butt. "I ain't about to trust anyone on that side of the wall. Once we get them out, I want you to do this: Take two men, and stay behind cover. When I call out for you, flank out behind the wall and see if you can spot anyone on the other side. Do not fire on them. For any reason. Just call the spot. If your men open fire, I am holding you personally responsible." There's very likely a weight of law behind her words. She then directs her voice towards the opposing people: "You don't want to believe us, fine. Take that chance. We've got a Raptor about to buzz your position. You want more proof, I can call for some gunfire from one of our ships in orbit." The threat of the last line isn't lost with her inflection. "If you have any wounded, help them over the wall and we -will- provide assistance!" A glance to Cameron with her last.

Her words hearten him, ocean eyes lifting to Vandenberg's face as Cameron conjures up a crooked sort of smile and nods. Oh yes, if they need medical attention, he will see to it.

There's a quiet sniff as Corrath simply keeps his cheek resting against the pad of his rifle, looking down the sights in the direction of that opposing force and the cover that they are concealed behind. "You know, El-Tee, we can talk 'em out of there, easy enough. Just need to show 'em that we're all on the same level and not looking for anyone to get hurt." He might have suggested that, but even as he does, he's continuing to look down the sights of his weapon, not intent on looking away at this particular point in time.

Classy lifts the Raptor off on Marko's order, still snickering at the ECO's triumph, "Awesome, man, you fried some ear drums, I bet. And radio ear drums. Or, you know. What they have inside. It kind of looks like a drum? Whatever, you know what I meant. Alright, here we go. Pinkies out!" The ensign's personal slang for lift-off, and lift off they do, heading up as quick as possibly and them circling the courtyard, zooming a little lower over the Cymkeitros position before swooping back into cover.

Marko keeps the cameras activated as the Raptor makes its pass, eyeballing the enemy position to see what he can pick out as they pass over. "Oh, I don't think they liked that, Classy." he chuckles. "Do it again! That was fun!"

Taim nods quickly to Vandenberg, though he never takes his eyes off the adversaries positioned opposite, weapon at the ready and aimed at the last spot he saw one duck down. "Consider it done," he tells the marine. There's no response to Vandenberg's words from behind cover, at least not right away. When that Raptor circles overhead, though, and without strafing them or anything like that, that seems to make up the mind of whoever is in charge.

"Hold your fire!" comes that same voice from before, "We're coming out." A rifle is slid carefully over the wall by a long, tatau'd arm and set on the ground below, and then slowly, both hands preceeding him, a man warily emerges. Along the wall a couple others follow suit, pistols and rifles dropped onto the ground and hands raised as they stand. One man, long hair streaked with grey, his arms also distinctively tattooed, lowers over the wall an extremely shiny set of silver pistols that look like they must be antique or collectors' pieces or something. He sets them on the ground with exaggerated care, and straightens slowly, a hand beginning to reach to brace his back as he gets up. He never completes the movement, however, as three gunshots suddenly ring out, Taim's gun raised and his body swiveled rapidly as he shoots the man three times in the chest.

There's relief as the enemy surrenders. Sofia smiles at Eddie. There's a blink though, as Taim's gun raises and shoots the man. She squeaks, despite the noise of earlier. The Raptor's antics might amuse her a bit, if she didn't seem shocked by the turnabout. "But-!" They said! Her head spins briefly.

"We could, sure. But I dealt with a lot of this crap down here for a few years. Best way to deal is to give them an overwhelming show of non-lethal. Raptor should do that. If we need, we can have Classy get up out of here and request a few Vipers buzz them. Nobody needs to die." Vandenberg seems pretty confident in herself. Whether or not that's well-founded confidence? That's another story. When the Raptor circles, she does not take her eyes off the other wall. The rifle is still aimed towards the targets. She seems completely satisfied until Taim fires. "Frak! CEASE FIRE! TAIM! DROP! YOUR! GUN! NOW!" It does not sound like Van is willing to argue the point, though she keeps her rifle on the people behind the wall.

«Vandenburg, Flasher. I count five, repeat, zero five hostiles on the ground. They've got looks like basic small arms and no, repeat, no sign of toasters.» Marko reports to the Marine boss. «Looks like they don't wanna lock horns with you guys down there.»

Corrath emits an audible sigh of relief as the men begin to slowly emerge from behind the wall, lowering their weapons down to the ground, but it only lasts for a moment. When those three gunshots ring out and one of the men is hit three times in the chest, that audible sigh is now replaced with a murmered curse of, "Frak." Eyes flit in the direction of Taim and it's only then that the S2 begins to make his way in the man's direction, though his rifle remains pointed 'down range', at least for the moment.

Eddie flinches so hard at the gunshots from Taim, and the shocked scream from one of the young women across the playground that he ends up facing the opposite direction entirely, on his knees looking over the wall, and for a moment he's pale as a ghost. The man who seems to be the Cymkeitros leader, on the other hand, flushes dark even against tan skin, and shouts, "Taim! You'll spend eternity in Tartarus you miserable bastard!" He seethes visibly, and it's clearly only the marine rifles that prevent him from charging across the square to seek retribution. "You promised medical attention!" he shouts to Vandenberg after a second, "Well?!" Taim, for his part, lowers his gun, placing it on the top of the wall, and responding to Vandenberg with a shrug, "I thought he was reaching for another weapon."

Vandenberg locks her jaw, staring red hot holes through Taim at his explanation. She then stands from behind the wall, her rifle still pointing at the Cym's. "Get over the wall and lay face down on the ground and we'll get your man evac'd!" She slowly walking towards them but stops, taking a knee behind some playground equipment and clicks the radio mic: "Scaurus! We need you to touch down on my position ASAP for immediate evac! We've got one civilian seriously wounded!" She then yells over to Cameron. "DOC! Get on it!" Corrath can handle Taim.

«Copy, that LT.» Marko replies over the radio. "Set us down, Classy. We've got wounded to take on board." he calls to his pilot. "Damn good flying, by the by." he grins, giving the man a thumb's up.

"Copy that, Flash!" Classy replies, turning the Raptor around to head back towards Vandenberg's position. He finds some space between the jungle gym and the see-saw to just fit the bird and eases it to the ground, flipping the door switch a little early so it's nearly open by the time they're down, ready to take on the injured, as Cameron rushes across with his bag to tend the man, if any tending is still possible.

Once Taim moves to set the weapon down, Corrath's simply moving to push it out of the larger man's reach, even as his eyes flit in the direction of Cameron, "Doc, while you're over there, check the man's waistband in back. Let me know if he was reaching for a weapon or not." Oh, he didn't miss where the man's hand was going, but a weapon hadn't been seen yet. That said, he's looking back to Taim, "Next time, wait until you see a frakking weapon, otherwise you're putting all of us in danger, and I frakking well hate with someone does that." Now, he's moving a hand to the other man's shoulder, trying to 'force' him to the ground, "Get down on your knee's, hands on your head."

Sofia keeps out of Cameron's way. Instead, she lingers right where she is, glancing towards Eddie and the others. "If there's anything…" For now, she goes quiet after that, and seems to just fret. Though, her wide green eyes are alert, peering out.

No weapon, is the reply passed back from Cameron, and the Cymkeitros leader glares daggers at Taim as he says, "He had a bad back, a you knew, Taim." Vandenberg's directions are met with an angry glare, and not until the Raupatu leader has been divested of his weapon does he haltingly, and with obvious displeasure, get down on his knees. "I'm not laying down on my face for these puteinawua to shoot me in the back," he says, turning a hard gaze on the marines, his hands still firmly on his head, "If you want to shoot me in the face for that, you go ahead." His fellows — a thirty-something woman and another man besides the one who was shot and a young woman — follow suit.

Taim snorts softly at Corrath's request and spends a long moment looking at the younger marine, not quite overtly sizing him up, but just looking at him. Finally he chuckles and shakes his head, shrugging as he lowers himself to his knees. "If that's how you want to play it," he says, "I'll forgive you this time, seeing as how you're lackin' the experience with this filth we've got."

"Who's that guy?" Sofia asks, and peers at the Cymkeitros leader. A pause, then a whisper, "What's a put-ein-aw-ua?" Sofia has to take it syllable by syllable, looking very confused. She peeres around, watching.

Van glances to Sofia but still keeps her rifle pointed at the Cym. "Wolfe, assist the Doctor with anything he needs to get that man cared for." She's busy covering Cameron as he works. As the man and his people go to their knees, though, the female Marine rises from her place and cautiously walks forward towards the man. "I may not shoot you but I might cuff you and then your ass belongs to me. You want to be uncooperative and keep my hackles up about being a threat, you go right frakkin ahead. You want to cooperate, you'll probably walk the hell out of here. If you don't want to? Roll. Those. Dice. I dare you." There's a glance to Corrath as he puts the man on his knees. "Cuff him," comes the statement. The S3 isn't about to go over the S2 for anythign further, but this is field work. If the Cym get on the ground, she'll start searching the leader. "Got a name?" she asks him. If he isn't on the ground, he's going to get zip-cuffs.

Corrath most certainly doesn't shy away from Taim as the man takes a moment to look at him and when he's finally moving to get on his knee's, the S2 is slinging his rifle over a shoulder as a hand moves to withdraw a pair of zip cuffs from his pocket, "Nothing to forgive here, buddy. You want our help, you play by our rules. That includes not shooting an unarmed man." Eyes flit in the direction of Vand, only to offer a quick nod, followed by, "Already on it." Then, he's simply reaching down to grasp one of Taim's wrists, no doubt so that the man can be cuffed, "And don't think about doing anything stupid. That's just going to ruin your day and mine."

"Ieuan," Eddie mutters to Sofia, still on his knees, peeking up over the edge of the wall like a groundhog, observing. He's still on edge, gaze moving quickly between the kneeling leader and Vandenberg, and the man Taim shot as Cameron tends him. Oh, and the pretty girl who also has her hands clasped on her head across the way, he definitely watches her, too. He flicks a glance at Sofia as she is called to go help Cameron, and for a second it looks like he might go with her, but he glances at Taim and doesn't move, just mumbling, "Good luck."

When Corrath goes to cuff him, Taim continues to just shake his head and chuckles again, saying, "There was no way to know he was unarmed. Ninety nine times out of a hundred, he's pulling a gun to shoot us down in cold blood. That's just how these people operate." Nope, no remorse there.

His counterpart across the way, meanwhile, looks up at Vandenberg with dark brown eyes, and just shakes his head. "If you want to cuff me, Lieutenant, you go right ahead. My people have done everything you asked. None of us shot an unarmed man in cold blood. We have not threatened you or yours, and we're certainly no threat now." Sure enough, but for a pocket knife that's not really large enough to be used as anything but a pocket knife, the man is unarmed. "I've knelt, Lieutenant, as a show of good faith, but I don't prostrate myself before any but the gods, and I won't ask my people to do so either."

"My name is Ieuan Kohepoulos," he adds, "Ezra Taim could have told you that, but I bet he chose not to, didn't he?"

"I see. Put-ein-aw-ua … I'm guessing that's a bad word," Sofia considers, making a mental note to check out a Taurian dictionary later. And to pick out all the curses. For now though, she helps the Doctor, scooting a little away from Eddie. She glances around to the others, and winces at Ieuan's comment about shooting an unarmed person. "They really hate each other…" She comments quietly, obviously a bit baffled. The culture really /is/ foreign. Sigh. A shrug and she'll hlep as she can.

Vandenberg shrugs, slipping the plastic ties on him. "Have it your way." She tightens them and goes about checking his pockets, removing the pocket knife and tossing it gently aside. "What Mister Taim told us or did not tell us isn't the issue, Mister Kohelpoulos. What matters is the life of your man and your further cooperation." She could probably kick him forward into the dirt but she doesn't. "You only prostrate before those you're worshipping. I'm a Marine. You want to consider it worship you can, but I ain't a God and neither is anyone else here. I bleed the same red you do. Nobody wants to make this worse so call it a favor. Sit on your ass if you want or lay on the ground. Just keep your ankles crossed when you do." She then moves on to search the others, cuffing them similarly if they don't want to go face-down. "Doc?" she yells out. "What's that man's status? Get him on the bird if its bad!"

"Well, c'mon, people." Marko grumbles from inside the Raptor. "Do you have wounded to transport or not? I mean, as much fun as I'm having sitting here sucking up the rads and probably making my kids come out goofy looking, it'd be nice to get moving."

"Yeah, c'mon!" Classy calls, picking up on Marko's antsiness, "Let's get the frak out of here already! What if there're more of these Kim— Kimwho?" He gestures vaguely, "The ones who were shooting!" Like that narrows it down. "Your kids are gonna be goofy-looking anyway, Flash," he adds to Marko after a moment, adding after another beat, "Sir."

When Taim doesn't resist, Corrath is claiming his other wrist and moving to secure both hands behind the man's back, slipping the cuffs on and then tightening them until they are secure. "Ya, well, that's not how we operate. No one's life is worth the -guess- that they might be going for a weapon." With the man secured, he's simply beginning to pat him down, looking for any other weapons, "Plus, it ain't like there's alot of us left out here. Better learn to live with those that you don't like, pal." Eyes lift for the moment, seeking out Van before he's lifting his voice, "How's it going over there, Vandenberg?"

Cameron does what he can for the man on the ground, putting his medical kit to good use tending three bullet wounds, arrayed in almost a perfect triangle in the man's chest. There is a LOT of blood, and things do not look good, which may be why he doesn't seem to notice the rest of the scene occurring around him, focused on his work, giving quick directions to Sofia when she appears to help. They mostly consist of putting pressure on wounds and finding more gauze. MOAR GAUZE.

Sofia will try to find what guaze she can or even tear off a part of the edge of her shirt. Hardly the cleanest but … she frowns. Poor guy. Taim had good aim. "I'm still gonna find out what that word means," Determined snipe is determined. "Um. It's - not so good - we're getting there," Sofia answers, just enough to be heard. "Well, I mean it could be worse but -" Pause. Sigh. "It's probably a good thing I'm not a doctor." She just threw that right out there. "It's work in progress!" Yeah, there we go. Social snipe has social skills … of a dead wombat.

Ieuan Kohepoulous doesn't fight the cuffs as they're put on, and following his example, neither do the rest. They sit patiently on the ground as they're restrained and searched, ankles crossed as Vandenberg directs. There are a few knives, practical things mostly, some additional ammo in pockets, but no major weapons on any of the 4 who are not currently bleeding to death.

Not that the work in progress is progressing toward anything good, unfortunately, but it's quick progress, at least! Only a moment or two after Sofia's status update, the man's tenuous grasp on life slips away altogether, and despite Cameron's efforts, he remains dead.

"Frakkin peachy, O. Might consider what Taim did attempted murder in my experience but I'll leave it to you." She continues patting people down and tossing anything pocketed aside. Vandenberg isn't shy about searching, either. Yes, she's definitely done this before. She finally stands and reshoulders her rifle, letting it fall across her chest as she walks behind the four. "Adair!! Godsdamnit! Get him back to the ship, frakking now!" She moves over behind Ieuan and kneels beside him, dropping her voice. "I'm keeping up my end. Your man will see a surgeon if our Doc and your man can dance long enough to get there." She then turns her head and looks towards the Rapautu. "You're all free to get the hell out of here. Now. Its not a suggestion, either. Except Taim."

"Man, there's gonna be blood all over the raptor, isn't there?" Classy grumbles, flopping his head noisily back against the seat and complaining, "Man, I hate it when there's blood all over the raptor. It's so gross, man. Maybe I can make one of the nuggets clean it!" The idea occurs to the ensign suddenly, and seems to cheer him up a lot.

With Taim secured, Corrath is simply moving to stick an arm under his arm so that he can help the man to his feet, "Alright, get to your feet. We're going to take you back to the Cerberus, where you'll get free room and board and three meals a day. All because of your efforts." A smile now flits across the S2's lips, "Ain't life grand, pal?" Looking back to Vand, he's giving a quick nod of his head, "Ya, I'm considering it, though I'll worry about it when we're back on the Cerberus."

Uh oh. Unfortunately, Sofia's normally decent at hiding bad news face falls. She bites her lower lip hard. "Ah…" She leans in towards Cameron, trying to make really, really, really sure. "Um." Why does she have to break the news? Though, her face might give it away before the words come. She takes a deep breath, pauses. "I …" Pause. "… it's um. No rush now." She looks guilty, fidgeting. "I'm sorry," She bites her lower lip hard again, making some dead chapstick producer in Tartarus curse the profit opportunity. "… really sorry," There is genuine guilt and sadness. Sure, she didn't know the guy, but by her account, he got a really bum end of the deal. "Wait-" She looks worried. Are they ditching the Rapautu? What DOES that curse word mean? So many worries, it's a painful rush.

"Heh, that's the power of positive thinking, Classy." Marko chuckles. "Always a good thing, Glad to see you embrace the concept." he laughs. "Okay, it's time to get a sit rep from these damn ground pounders." he sighs. «Shore party, Flasher, please say your status, over?» he calls over the radio. «We're still waiting to evac the wounded.»

The other Raupatu look at cuffed-Taim for a long moment, and then Vandenberg, but then file towards the Raptor quickly, one who must be the second in command (it isn't Eddie) leading with a jerk of his prominent chin. They're pretty much silent minus some indistinct muttering between themselves, and the leader informing Marko, "The Lieutenant told us to get in." Eddie brings up the rear, looking guiltily at the Cymkeitros as he passes them, and turning a little grey again as he passes the dead man, before climbing into the ship with the others.

Ieuan and his people wait their turn in silence for the time being, and the dead man waits in silence for the forseeable future. But hey, at least no one's shooting anymore, right?

Vandenberg nods sternly towards Corrath. She looks -quite- pissed-off by what just transpired. She then looks back to the Cym Leader and then over her shoulder to Sofia. The short blond can make her own conclusions off of the lack of news. Anyone can assume that Ieuan heard that. She watches the Rapautu gather in and she lowers her voice to the Cym honcho. "Look, once they're gone, I'll take your cuffs off. The military isn't getting involved in the back and forth but I'm pretty sure Taim won't be seeing the sun anytime soon." She readjusts her kneel and leans back a bit. "I'm going to assume you want to deal with your man in your own way. I won't object. I won't take your weapons, either. But you are to stay away from the military encampment. Tell me where you want me to meet you tomorrow and I will make it happen. I'll bring supplies like food and anti-rads and anything else you need. Including a Doctor. For once, sir, I'd like the Taurian to believe that the military is here to help. Not enflame. Think we can make a deal on all that?" At the very least she seems genuine.

Sadness clings. "I'm sorry." She offers again. Chants are supposed to offer comfort right. But the word sorry just echoes hollow in her ears, like a shell or something empty clattering to the floor. She just closes her eyes. "Um." She doesn't say it but, "It might be wise to let people offer prayers. I'm not sure …" She looks apologetic to the Tauronian folks. And Sofia just goes quiet, to help move what she needs. Or to let herself be shuffled along. She peers to Eddie. "Thanks." She seems glad for the explanation. Then a pause. "Poor whores." It baffles the Aquarian, really.

Ieuan bows his head at the news, or lack of news that therefore constitutes news, about his comrade. He is silent for a moment, even after Vandenberg first approaches him, as if observing a period of silence that is required to last a certain minimum time. When he does raise his head again, his expression is grim. "So the Raupatu get the protection of your camp, and we do not?" He does not sound surprised, just shaking his head a little. "We have no problem with the Colonial military, lieutenant," he informs her, "We have a problem with those who would ally with Ezra Taim." He glances across at the ex-cop again and barely manages not to let his lip curl in a snarl before turning back to nod at Vandenberg. "I will provide coordinates," he says, "We will meet tomorrow. I will expect answers to our questions then."

"You will get answers to all of your questions, sir. Plus everything I have promised. I'll be armed, but it should be evident there will be no threat to your and your own." As if Van's gestures about keeping the weapons weren't enough. With that she falls silent and waits for the Raptor to head out, rising from her kneel to move away and get a map from her vest.

"Well, welcome aboard Air Harrier, flight 324 non-stop service to the Battlestar Cerebrus." Marko grins to the Taurons as the file in. "I'm Flasher, your ECO on this flight, your pilot is Classy, he'd be doing this speil, but I'm the ranking officer aboard." he adds playfully. "The in flight movie this afternoon will be the classic '30s screwball comedy 'With Six, You Get Cylons'. Settle back, relax and thank you for flying Air Harrier."

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