PHD #090: A Friend In Need
A Friend in Need
Summary: After Coll's arrest, Quinn wants to clarify things and get some answers.
Date: 27 May 2041 AE
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Marine Offices - Deck 6 - Battlestar Cerberus
This offices consists of desks for those under the CO, along with his desk toward the back of the room. The S1 and S2 have desks here and the place is neat as a pin, with everything in its place. At the front of the room, a Marine sits at a desk to meet people as they come in through the hatch.
Post-Holocaust Day: #90

Quinn knocks curtly on the hatch, about 2 minutes after Coll's been brought down to the brig.

Archer is sitting at his desk, scribbling away at a sheet of paper. He leans back in his chair, and then starts a bit at the knocking. The man looks up, then makes a wave for Quinn to enter as he rises, "Captain, you're far far away from the flight deck, aren't you?"

Quinn looks over towards the other Captain as she begins to limp into the room, "Yes, well, I wanted to file a brief report for you and the Major, if you have a moment. One of the raptor techs was just pulled in for, as far as I can tell, being belligerent on deck, among other things. I wanted to speak briefly about Specialist Coll's current state of incarceration… and mentality, actually." Maggie's all business at the moment, even if she looks half out of commission herself. She's leaning heavily on crutches as she limps into the room, her right leg completely cast up from foot to upper calf and her left knee in a brace. Her face is looking thin and still carrying some scabbing laceration from the mess on Leonis.

"What now?" Archer asks, motioning to a chair hastily for the crutches-bound Captain. "Specialist Coll? I haven't even received a report from my MPs yet about any detainments. What instigated this belligerence?" He asks these questions as he finds his own seat, and settles down into it.

With the full staff in the office, one little knock and a pilot on crutches being taken care of by the XO doesn't demand a lot of attention from Madilyn. No, not really, not with the other stuff going on around the ship. To say she's got a lot on her mind would still be putting it lightly. However, the fact that this pilot wants to talk about a Raptor tech's mindset following incarceration (reporting forthcoming, no doubt) Madilyn finds the time to set her pen down, turn her music off, and listen in on the conversation at the other desk.

Quinn nods towards the hatchway behind her, "Happening as we speak, Captain. Corporal Constin is the detaining officer. I don't think she's actually committed a chargable offense but she was actually asking him to remain in the brig. The woman has… severe paranoia issues. That's somewhat what I wanted to bring up. I've had a few discussions with her and she's… Not mentally stable. With everything that's been going on, someone was bound to crack. I'm worried that it was her." Maggie admits quietly, that motherly concern folding in her muddy green eyes as she explains the surface of the situation.

Archer listens to Quinn's concerns, and then turns towards Madilyn, "Are we supposed to be detaining mentally unstable folk or do we send them down to Medical for them to take care of?" he asks, before adding to Quinn, "I, well, I appreciate the concern, but, I'm not real sure what you'd like us to do? Make sure she doesn't hurt herself in the brig or something?"

"If she's a threat to others, priority is to remove her and limit her ability to cause harm. Then we worry about the doctors. Last thing I need is a mentally-unstable Raptor tech who forgets to take her meds running around on deck, not with pilots getting killed by sabotage. Corporal Constin has been trained to deal with those types of detainees, and he knows the policies and procedures." In other words, better crazy in the brig where she can only hurt herself. "You were concerned with her mental health, Captain? What behaviors has she been demonstrating to cause you concern?" Madilyn is definitely interested now, leaning foward in her chair, sliding a clean sheet of paper over, and ready to make a few notes.

Quinn looks a bit frustrated, though she swallows it back, as the Captain asks what she was expecting them to do. The major's intervention calms those worries though, and Maggie's dark eyes flicker over to the woman quietly, her expression now just all business. "Exactly, Major. She's a risk to herself as much as anyone else right now and as of recommendations two days ago, she was refusing to seek medical help. So, my best recommendation, even if she cannot be charged with anything, is counseling before she's released anywhere, but it's not really my area to give such commands. Still, she works on my birds, and we have had enough issues for it to be my concern." And then the last question comes. Maggie straightens up as much as she can on her crutches.

"Clear paranoia, about the deck, about the other crew, about the other crew hating her… or she thinks they hate her, for her possibly causing the sabotage, and then when confronted about it, paranoia about the fact I -wasn't- thinking she was the one she caused the sabotage. Repetition of the fact that she could have easily done it and no one knows her true identity — which is a confirmed fact, all her files were lost in the attack on Picon. Paranoia about working with people who didn't trust her and then tendency to discuss subjects that even made her seem less trustable. I hope this makes… any sense. She wasn't making much the night I spoke with her."

Archer winces just a little at the explanation Quinn gives, and then nods. "Well, unless the Major here thinks otherwise, I can say we'll keep her in solitary confinement until we can get her counseled and checked out. But, I think it would do us a great help if you could write a report and forward it to medical about her bouts of paranoia. I aint no doctor or nothin, but I really think they'd do more help for her in the long run than we can. We can only lock her up so she don't go hurtin' nobody."

"Agreed. I don't want anyone to go down there unless she's getting her meals, or seeing a shrink. Maybe the time alone will eve let her decompress a little so that she can be talked to, if what you say is true, Captain." The pen scribbles here and there on that sheet of paper making some notes: paranoia; thinks may have sabotaged; opportunity (motive?); alias (?); missing records. "Are you the arresting officer then, Captain?"

Quinn shakes her head quietly, "I am not. Lieutenant Sophronia was on scene, as far as I can tell, when all of this went down. I got there just in time to see her being walked off the deck by Constin to the brig. I'm not even certain what caused the specific incident that brought her in, I recommend you ask Corporal Constin. I'm just here to do a follow up of the last few days. And yes, I will send the report to Medical, of course." Maggie admits, a slightly tighter frown on her lips now.

At the suggestion that someone talk to Corporal Constin, Archer murmurs, "Not it," with a slight smirk, before he nods a couple of times to Quinn, "Well, then, I can't think of anything else that can be done right this moment. I'd suggest you get back to your berthing to try and heal up a bit though."

"Are there any specific incidents you feel we should know about, as it relates to the current investigation of ship sabotage on deck? Do you feel that there is any real chance that this specialist was involved in those incidents? Do you truly believe her to be unstable enough to be sabotaging our ships and killing our pilots? This is completely informal, of course, I simply want to get your opinion on the matter, as I don't know the woman well."

Quinn shakes her head quietly towards the woman, "No. Truth be told, I do not think it was her. But I do think we should be upping security on the deck until we figure out WHO it is. That includes a constant guard on the munitions deck, if you have the personnel."

A sidelong glance is given towards Madilyn as Archer suggests, "Any chance we can get some of the flight wing folk to stand a sort of fireguard around the munitions deck in our stead?"

"If it comes to that, I wouldn't be opposed. We're not so strapped for personnel yet that we can't put an extra MP on the munitions deck. A second record of who comes and goes, what munitions and taken, and which craft they're being taken for wouldn't hurt either." That too gets scribbled down on that paper. "I'll see what I can work into the schedule."

Quinn nods in approval to Madilyn, "That'd be helpful. I could possibly offer a pilot or two but, truth be told, our numbers are slim. We can barely run a CAP at the moment. I've got half my people on Leonis. I could do it myself but I'm not exactly in fighting shape at the moment should something happen. We're… running out of people." And, if there is more sabotage, they'll truly be in dire straights. but she doesn't voice that.

A curt nod comes from Archer at that assessment, and he asks Madilyn, "Shall I start trying to figure out a duty roster for that? We want a stationary guard or someone who comes by on the half hour on patrol to check on things?" he asks, leaning back in his
chair a little.

"Stationary guard, to go along with all the ones at the small-arms lockers. I don't want a single weapon unaccounted for on this ship. If I have to inspect every locker myself against manifests, I will. Yes, things are that bad." Neither of them have much idea about the developing plan though, which relies on some of those very storage lockers to smoke out some collaborators.

Quinn releases a slight breath of relief, nodding in gratitude to both of them. "Thank you, Major, Captain. And my squadron thanks you as well. If there is anything we can do to help, you need but say, yes?" Maggie offers gently, trying at a bit of a smile considering the darkness of the conversation.

Archer stands up and wanders over to the file cabinet and takes out a couple of sheets of paper on which to draw up a new duty roster. He looks over at Quinn, nods once, and then sits back in his chair and starts scribbling again.

"Of course Captain. Your help in this matter is appreciated. We'll see that your Raptor tech gets the help she needs and won't even have the chance to do the things she thinks she's might do. You'll be kept informed, I'm sure, even if it's only the absence of a Raptor tech on deck." With that, Madilyn seems to feel the conversation is at an end, tears the sheet of paper she had been scribbling on off the pad, and waves a runner over to take the message somewhere.

Quinn gives them both a crisp salute, or as crisp as it can be heavily leaning on that crutch without her hand, and then she turns on her crutches and limps to the hatch and out. Business over, it seems.

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