PHD #424: A Few Things
A Few Things
Summary: S2 and MaA discuss items of business.
Date: 26 Apr 2042 AE
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Constin Corrath 
S2's Office - Deck 6
This smallish styled office is typically made use of by the Master-at-Arms to conduct his business and oversee the MP's. As of late, with the lack of an MaA, the S2 has been making use of it, as is evident by the stacks of paperwork that seem to be accumulating on the desk. To the side, a secured cabinet can be see and a table with the never-ending Marine Coffee Pot (tm). Across from the desk, two simple chairs are present for those who visit, while behind the desk, a much larger and more comfortable chair can be seen.
Post-Holocaust Day: #424

Having a sent a runner to fetch the Gunnery Sergeant, Corrath, sporting the new Captain's pins, had moved to the filing cabinet and begin to withdraw a multitude of files. From there, he'd proceeded over the desk, only to set the files down so that he can begin to look through them in no particular order. Unlike normal, the doorway to the office has actually been left open, allowing people to come and go as they please.

Both men have been busy, of late. Yet for now, the stars have aligned, and both the S2 and his MaA are able to wedge a meeting in. Thus, the open doorway is filled by the bulk of the Gunnery Sergeant, striking the open door with his knuckles twice, "Sir."

The draw of knuckles against the hatchway has Corrath lifting his eyes from the paperwork, settling them on the form of the Gunnery Sergeant as a hand lifts, motioning towards one of the two free chairs in the room, "Come on in, Gunny. Need to go over a few things with you."

Constin nods once, stepping into the office proper and stepping to the indicated chair, folding his frame into the thing immediately thereafter. "Got a couple bits of business m'self, sir," he notes, before pulling out the much abused notepad he carries, so as not to ever rely too heavily on his memory.

"Well, then it seems like we're going to have a productive meeting, Gunny." Now, Corrath settles back in his seat, hands coming to fold together in his lap, "Let's get yours out of the way, first, since mine is a little more in depth and the like."

Constin nods curtly, and flips back a few pages. "Number one, what investigations I was able to undertake into the Captain Nikephoros security bypass incident suggest that the act of putting the Cee-Eye-Cee frequency surveillance back on-line is what triggered the information package that brought the cylons to our position six hours later. the tech boys traced back the initial modification to One May, Twenty-forty-one." A terse exhale, "While the Captain's actions did break security protocol, and she has been unable or unwilling to explain the nature of that transmission, this places the initial modification prior to her arrival on Cerberus." A shortly drawn breath, "Of the personnel on duty during that period of time, the most likely candidates to have carried out this subversive modification are Lieutenant Diana Rime, Petty Officer Parry, and Lieutenant Stryer." Corrath, as his immediate security/intel superior would already know that Rime and Parry have sat toward the top of Elf's enemy agent suspect list for many months.

Listening as the Gunny speaks, Corrath makes a couple of mental notes as he's prone to do. Then, there's another nod of the man's head, more to signify that he's heard then actually responding to something. "So, Captain Nikephoros couldn't have made the initial modification. Interesting. That certainly sets things on a different path." A pause is given, with one hand lifting to scratch lightly at this chin, "Rime, Parry and Stryer. Alright. It's going to be difficult to consult with other personnel on duty during that time, to see if they remember anything. And I somehow don't think the security footage is going to show us anything useful."

"Already been reviewed, sir," Constin notes to the subject of deck footage. "Best I can say is that if it had been tampered with, it didn't show. Also wouldn't have needed any modification, as we're unable to trace which specific terminal was used to input the initial command." A short exhale follows. "So that's the update on the Cee-Eye-Cee situation. My second issue ain't quite so pressing, so if'n you've got more questions on that first, now's the time, sir."

A faint chuckle escapes the Captain's lips as Corrath gives a slight nod of his head, "I'm not surprised you've already reviewed it. With nothing else, the next avenue of approach is to simply bring them in for questioning and see if we're able to glean anything from them." A hand lifts, giving a slight wave, "Go on. I need to consider this Cee-Eye-Cee thing for a few moments."

Constin nods once to the instruction, and flips a page forward in his notes. "Next item is the status a civilian, sir. One Sawyer Averies." turning his narrow eye from notepad to S2, the Master-at-Arms notes, "I'd like to submit that in order to continue receiving access to secure information, and to be able to continue accompanying military missions in a manner not permitted to other civilians, Miss Averies must accept some formal acknowledgment of station from Fleet command that requires her to obey ship security in matters of confidential intelligence." He draws a terse breath through the nose. "The notion that we are beholden to her good judgment in maintaining security of information is- in my estimation- unacceptable. I do not care what it is, command can name her Chief Attache to the frakking Jellybean jar, so long as she can't continue claiming to be a simple civilian, entirely outside obedience to the military hierarchy."

Once more, Corrath simply takes to listening and as the MaA finishes up his speech, the S2 is leaning forward so as to settle his forearms upon the desk, "First, and foremost, the Civilians are not outside the obedience of the military hierarchy. During a time of martial law, which we are currently under, they are responsible to myself for their actions. As Ms. Averies is considered a 'member of this crew', she will be treated as such. If she fails to heed ship security in matters of intelligence, then she will be thrown in the brig. If she feels like protesting, she is more then welcome to lodge a complaint with my office, like all the other civilians." Now, he's leaning back in his seat, "I see no reason to have her granted a special title, other then the self-styled 'Command's Pet'. I will ensure that a memo is sent to her, though, informing her that she is to abide by all rules governing ship security in matters of intelligence and that failure to heed such notice will result in her detainment until such time as I feel obliged to release her."

"If I may comment, sir?" Constin asks, properly, before going on, "What would the damage to ship's order be if every Civilian tried to accompany military expeditions, and demanded access to fleet information that is not cleared for general consideration? Miss Averies is receiving treatment beyond that accorded to any other civilian, and I have respected Command's wishes in this, over my own filed protests. But is Averies is to continue receiving special privilege, it is my recommendation that she also be given something to formally distinguish her from any other civilian, sir."

"Of course, Gunny." Then, Corrath is taking a moment before he's giving another nod of his head, "I understand what you're saying and I'm not keen, at all, with Ms. Averies being privvy to any confidential information. She's a frakkin' reporter and her sole being is to report on what she's learned, regardless of the consequences. Major Tillman saw fit to grant her access to the materials and I've argued this point with Command. Now, I don't know if the Major had a weak moment and was thinking with his dick, or whether he had a reason for this, but what's done is done." Now, the Captain is leaning back in his seat, hands coming to clasp in his lap once more. "I can ask Command if they'll give her some special designation, Gunny, but I wouldn't hold your breath on it."

Constin nods once, again. This isn't his first tilt against the foe of 'special exceptions to the rule' and despite previous defeats, it won't be his last. "Taking it to Command is all I can request, sir. "for your own record, I am carrying out interviews with several members of the crew who are familiar with a Gemenese priest by the name of Solon, at Captain Nikephoros' request. Unless you order otherwise, I intend to share the results of those interviews with the Captain, soon." A drawn breath. "Otherwise, that is all the new information I have to report, sir."

"I'll let you know what Command has to say on the matter, Gunny. Frankly, I'd prefer they revoke Ms. Averies' security clearance, but I think that highly doubtful." The mention of Solon has the Captain giving another quick nod of his head, "Good enough. Report details to her as you feel necessary, Gunny." Then, there's a slight roll of his head from left to right, "Alright, I just want to fill you in on something that I'm looking into, since it's going to affect you should it go through."

Constin grunts flatly once, as Corrath expresses his preference and Command's likely response. Tormented is the lot of the lawful at the end of days. He flips through several pages to get to a blank face of the notepad, as Corrath gets into his own business.

Hands unclasp and Corrath is once more leaning forward, settling his forearms on the desk again before beginning to speak, "We've both been disappointed in the way that JAG has been handling cases and I'm not entirely sure why things have been handled as they have. After carefully considering things, I'm requesting an attached posting to JAG, in the hopes that I can help .. educate them in what transpires on the Military Police side of things and to assist in matters of law relating to the Marines." There's a slight pause now, "If this goes through, I'm hoping to retain my Marine designation, but I'll have to step down as S2. In this event, you, as Master at Arms, will take over all matters of ship security and will report directly to the Captain and the Light Colonel."

Constin gives Corrath the most level- yet emphatic- "Yes, sir," on record as Corrath expresses their mutual disappointment with the Judge Advocate General's office. As the details of the proposal are elaborated upon, he draws a slow breath and nods again. "Understood, sir. I'll make every effort to be sure that, in the event this is required, the transition will be smooth, sir."

There's a simple nod of his head, followed by the flash of a smile, "I know that you will, Gunny. And if this goes through, then you're going to have a lawyer in JAG, who understands what it is the MP's do and who will actually be working for the law and not some simple compromise to close a case or get it off their desk."

"With all due respect, sir? That will be one helluva nice change, Captain." Constin drawls, bone-dry in tone. A breath is let out in a bullish exhale through the nose. A nod.

A faint chuckle escapes Corrath's lips as he gives a slight nod of his head, "That's what I was thinking, Gunny. Anyways, I just wanted to give you the heads up on that, in case it was authorized. Didn't want to catch you off guard and potentially leave you hanging. I've raised it up to the Colonel and I'm waiting to hear back from her on it."

"Understood, sir," Constin states with another short nod. The big sergeant retains his stiff posture in the seat as he awaits anything further from the S2. Until he isn't, Corrath remains Elf's boss and the big man's posture reflects this.

"At the moment, Gunny, that's all I have, then. I need to go over a few things, tidy up a couple of loose ends. In the event that this goes through, we're going to need to sit down and finalize some things. So, be prepared for that." Now, Corrath's leaning back in his seat once more, "The moment I hear back from the Colonel, I'll make sure that you know what's going on."

"Yes, sir. Thank you, sir," is Constin's reply to the end of the list of business, and the S2's assurance to let him know the status asap. He flips the notebook closed without having written anything more than '2x check S2 duties' on one line, and tucks it into his breast pocket, before rising to his feet, and offering the requisite salute, "If that is all, sir?"

As Constin rises to his feet, Corrath is giving a quick nod of his head, "That's it for now, Gunny. I've got a few pieces of paperwork to finish up, then I'll get a memo sent up to Command about Ms. Averies and will let you know what the final verdict on that is."

"Sir," the MaA states in conclusion, before turning and taking his leave from Corrath's office. Idly, the big man wonders if the 'CMC legal attache to JAG' would still take the occasional drinking trip to Pete's.

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