PHD #298: EVENT - A Dragon with Matches
A Dragon with Matches
Summary: A team from Cerberus attempts a salvage mission in Minos, and encounters an unexpected gathering.
Date: 21 December 2041 AE
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Minos, Tauron
In the set. It's a gross city.
Post-Holocaust Day: #298

As famous and popular as Minos was before Warday, it was never exactly known for being a clean city, or even a very pretty one. After being bombed and cleared by Cylons, it's finally caught up with most other cities in the colonies, now not so much grey and dirty as post-apocalyptic. It is, of course, still both grey and dirty, streets littered with debris, buildings in various states of destroyed, crumbling, or at least stripped and abandoned. One might be tempted to think that what the scene needs is a nice, all encompassing coat of whitewash. Whether they're correct? Today may tell. It's barely below freezing, but a thin layer of white coats every surface, the flakes falling just barely fast enough to stay ahead of the mud and grime that discolor everything soon enough. Set down in the middle of an intersection some blocks from the depot, the roads ahead on either side appear empty and quiet, but for the soft shush of falling snow.

The limp is so slight you would never notice it, Ryder is happy to again go planetside to help out his new crew. Looking about in interest as they move, he sighs as he looks over the oddly horrifying yet beautiful snowscape. "Almost scenic," he mutters to himself, hefting his combat rifle on one side and his medic's bag in the other.

Once the Raptor has settled down in that intersection, Corrath's simply moving to hop down onto the wing and then to the ground, eyes turning to scan the surrounding area as he offers, "In and out. That's the name of the game today, folks. Lets get to this depot, get what we need and get the frak out. Sarge, take point. I'll bring up the rear." There's a moment's pause, followed by the quirk of his lips to a smirk, "And if you see dogs, just shoot them. Saves us the trouble in the long run. Trust me."

Weather. It's really something you take for granted when you're on a climate controlled spaceship. Sawyer claps her hands together as she steps off the Raptor, trying to keep the warmth flowing to her fingers through the thin material of her marine issued gloves. "Catching snow on your tongue is far more novel when you don't have to worry about irradiated water molecules." Yup, that's right, the Journalist is on another away mission. Eat your heart out, Marines. Anti-rad shots prior to returning to the surface give her the bravery to stick out her tongue and catch a few flakes as she tromps along with the rest of the crew, just another pair of hands for all intents and purposes.

Bannik has a tool kit slung over his shoulder in a canvas sack like a messenger bag. He's not used to wearing the black battle dress of the Marines and it shows; he walks slowly, shifting and rattling with each step. Clink. Clink. "In and out," he agrees, solidly in the middle of the pack. He is the protectee here.

Brrr, snow. Sofia's in gear, and grateful for the warmth. She has her toolkit and a few tools around her belt. Sofia opens her mouth, about to catch somme snow flakes. Then a pause at the snowflakes comment. She promptly closes it. She lingers near Sawyer and Bannik, usually driftin towards the front. Do engineers remember fear? Hard to tell. She smiles a bit at Ryder's comment. Though for her part, she's wide-eyed and enjoying the snow. Despite the radiation.

Along for the ride today, and acting as a token guide to the city and its salvage opportunities is one Ieuan Kohepoulos, survivor and, just now, indistinguishable from the others in the marine blacks he's been issued, except for the lack of patches and pins. "It's this way," he informs the marines once he's out of the Raptor, pointing up the street, "We can take Laraipo here to Centennial Square and cut across."

Constin marches along leaving muddy tracks in the pristine white snow as he passes. Stern faced and silent, the sergeant nods once to their guide's directions, his exhaled breaths visible in the chill air.

Ryder gives Corrath a look. "You're up for your immunization shots in a few months, right?" No further comment than that, none needed. He walks along with the group, enjoying the feel of full combat gear as they move. It makes him feel like a young man, again.

"You all right, Sofia?" Bannik asks the snipe next to him, trying to give her what passes for a reassuring smile under his helmet. Clink. Clink. Brr. "I really hope we can find some good wires to strip down here. It's going to be a mess getting all the connections hooked back up in Sickbay."

There's a faint chuckle in the direction of Ryder, followed quickly by a shake of his head before he's looking towards Ieuan. Eyes narrow as his gaze rests on the man before he's finally nodding his head. It's only then that he's looking to the group as they move past and when the last of them begins that walk, he's moving to bring up the rear, rifle craddled in his arms as he takes to shifting his attention from side to side.

If their guide says it's this way, it's this way. Sawyer stays in the middle of the pack with the rest of the traditionally non-combat crew, her eyes roving the dirty white landscape. She's armed with her Picon Five-seveN and a camera. Here's to hoping she draws the right one, depending on the situation.

"Tyr!" Sofia chirps and smiles. She was a bit zoned out from the sound of it. She nods. "Yeah, sorry. It's just really distracting." She peers over at Constin. She listens to their guide though, before looking back to Bannik. "Me too. And all the stuff cleaned up…" There's a bit of quiet resignment and worry. She takes a deep breath, obviously not hopeful for what they will find. "How about you?" She asks quietly, pulling a little towards the front.

The street is deserted, empty of people and also of dogs, at least visible ones. There is a rat (a rather large one, at that) that skitters with a soft pitter-patter out of an exposed bit of pipe fallen from somewhere and scurries across their path, but that's pretty much it as far as life goes. Ieuan stays just behind Constin up front, allowing the marine to lead even as he provides directions, glancing back over his shoulder at the others in the group curiously. The plaza in question is reached in fairly short order. Several full city blocks square it opens up between skyscrapers, not all of which have survived the attacks. Several have crumbled partly into the park, blocking off streets, creating giant spills of rubble. Still, the space is passable and feels more open than others with the big patch of sky visible overhead.

"Across there is where we need to go," Ieuan explains, "There's sort of a path, it winds a little…" he starts to point it out to Constin. One one side of the square opposite, there is what looks like a museum or a temple, a big marble building with imposing pillars, only two of which have cracked and fallen, leaving the roof at a precarious-slant, though it's still one of the most-intact buildings in the square.

Constin narrows his eyes further in a studious frown of the indicated destination. "Some real shit terrain," he grunts under his breath, before nodding once. "The one with the slanted roof? I see it." The sergeant continues trudging forward, continuing his habit of keeping the eyes moving, picking out which of the various hidey holes in this 'shit terrain' would be most useful from which to shoot passing colonials.

Ryder's eyes are an older version of Constin's, searching for potential sniper points and ambushes. His hand touches his rifle gently, as if to be sure it is still there, even as he smiles. "If I was setting a trap here, I'd be based out of the old temple. Maybe a sniper here or there… lots of shadowy glass. Pinch points."

"Me? Yeah. I'm all right. I guess." Bannik shrugs over at Sofia. "I'm pitching in on repairs on my eight hours off from the Deck." That's Bannik — no free time — all work time. "Figure it keeps my mind off of things." He sighs heavily, glancing over at that slanted roof over there.

As they begin to approach those broken down buildings, Corrath's attention is shifting to the structures and debris, eyes scanning as if he could simply see right through them and then, as he's getting ready to shift his attention, something catches his eye. There's a squit and then the rifle is lifted upwards so that he can look through the scope, panning it over the area before shifting it again, "Got what appears to be … smoke … maybe steam, coming from around the temple." Squinting more, the rifle is moved again, "And what -could- be a path into it." When the weapon is lowered, he's looking over to Ieuan, "Kohepoulos, you got any insight in this?"

Sawyer slows up when they need to proceed with more caution, her eyes drawing towards the temple-like structure out of some perverse curiosity. But it's not sparrows or serpents that catch her eyes this time, "Is that smoke?" Where there is smoke, there is fire. Or more importantly, survivors. She might not exactly get along with Constin, but he's the big strong man (meatshield) with a gun. Naturally, she gravitates in that direction.

Sofia seems glad Constin is here, perhaps regarding him as a familiar, grumpy, reassuring presence. She looks to Ryder and pauses. "Well, I guess there's one doc I can't run from. He'll either know martial arts or have tranq darts," She considers wryly. She looks to Bannik and nods. "I do my best to keep up too, though I wish I could have coffee." She can only keep up so long after all. Sofia pauses, and nods. "I see smoke… and-" She squeaks, nearly tripping. "Hey lookie!" She kneels and points out a bit of black fabric. "There's this and this um, path… there's no snow on this cloth. What does that mean?" She peers up.

"No, we're just headed past it. Through here's the best way around, believe it or not," Ieuan informs Constin, "And that's the Temple of Ares," he adds for the edification of the group. Eyes narrow to pick out the steam or smoke people are noticing, and shakes his head. "I don't know," he admits, "Could just be something sparked and caught, it happens. I don't know of anyone still around in this area. My own people stay further out, where the radiation isn't as bad."

Constin nods once at Corrath's observation (but not Sawyer's), "I see it. Want a closer look, before we move out into the open, sir?" he prompts, turning an eye back at the expedition's officers. In that look, he hears Sofia's find. A pointed look goes back to Corrath.

Sofia shakes her head, and considers, "Wouldn't it be covered in snow if it's been out awhile?" She adds quietly..

"It could mean we have some survivors camping out there," pipes up Bannik, gazing off onto the path and looking at the smoke-like thing coming from that direction. "We ought to really go check it out; it could be more people." He shifts his tool kit on his shoulder. Rattle. Clink.

"Where to the what now?" Ryder's head spins as he takes in what everyone is talking about. He starts when he notices the cleared cloth, and grumbles to himself. "I must be frakking going blind…"

Turning his attention to Sofia's find, Corrath's considering something for a moment before looking over towards Constin after listening to Ieuan, "Our mission takes priority, Sergeant. We need these supplies, but by the same token, we can't risk passing up the chance of finding someone alive. We'll take a -quick- look. If we find something, we'll radio for a SAR Team to come down to extract anyone we find and then we move on." Another nod now, "Safeties off, Sergeant. Lets look alive." Oh yes, there's no way they will be caught off guard by Tauron's Hounds from Hell this time.

"Here," Sofia points out helpfully for Ryder. "Smoke and - this cloth," She nods. She grunts and stands, brushing herself off. She looks over as the temple is pointed out. "Maybe," She is quiet though, preferring to let wiser heads decide. Soon enough, she falls neatly back in.

"Yes, sir," Constin drawls in return, remaining on point and making the effort to place his heavy footfalls where they will raise the least noise, choosing a path where they will be screened from the temple when able. The efforts intensify as the blocks of ground are crossed. Snow helps.

At the mention of safeties off, Sawyer's hand drops to her side and her thumb makes a little movement. She's part of the team, even if it looks like she was sorely tempted to go off and explore the temple herself should Corranth's answer had been different. "Look at it this way, if we find someone else, more hands to carry things, right?" She flashes the S2 a quick (if nervous) smile.

Bannik doesn't take out the pistol that someone insisted that he had to take with him on this run. Instead, he just keeps himself grouped close to the middle of the pack, letting the Marines take point.

Slinging the med bag over his back, Ryder brings his Rifle to a place where he can more easily bring it to bear, if needed. He gives Sofia a little smile. "Thanks for that. I should keep you around, so you can point out the things I miss. Getting too bloody old."

It's good that snow helps, since there's plenty of it, the storm picking up for the moment as they wind their way across the plaza-that-was. It's almost a maze, the downed buildings providing enough debris to heap up several stories high in some spots, and in broad washes great for tripping over in others. It's all blanketed in a shifting layer of snow that swirls in the strange breezes that move through the windtunnels of the city's artificial canyons, obscuring tracks as quickly as they're made. It's definitely smoke up ahead, that much can be observed as they wend their way nearer; the color of the smoke shifts darker helpfully. It's further away that it seemed at first, almost right up at the base of the temple steps, they'll realize as they make their way closer.

"Averies, if there are survivors here, chances are they aren't going to be in any condition to lug shit," is what Corrath's offering to Sawyer, though he does finish it with a quick smile before his thumb moves to disengage the safety on his rifle. Following up the rear of the group, he simply cants his head to the side as they begin to draw closer, almost as if something has caught his attention. Finally, there's the almost muted question of, "Anyone else hear that?"

"Shh." It's one of those reflexive things you say when you're trying to hear something, whether or not anywone is actually talking at the time. Sawyer turns her head just so, as if that'll help her hear just that slight hint better. "It's a woman's voice." Her head snaps back to fully face the temple as if she caught movement out of the corner of her eye, and now she's holding her breath for confirmation.

Sofia smiles at Ryder back. "I dunno about that… on either account, sir," She shakes her head. She followss along though. She hesitates to take the safety off her sidearm but eventually does so. She goes quiet otherwise, peering at the smoke through the swirling snow. She takes a deep breath. Her eyes widen a bit. "I hear her. Someone. From where the fire might be. I think I see something," She points towards the temple entrance. "But I could be seeing things…" Again.

"Her? It's a her?" Bannik, apparently, could not make that out. "Damn helmet." His hand floats down towards his pistol at his side, but he still does not bother to draw it. He leaves that for the others.

Ryder frowns, suddenly. "No, I heard her, too. And I think I saw something moving, hard to tell with this damned snow. From about where the fire is. Stay loose, people." His weapon, though still not pointing up, is ready to be pulled up at a moments notice.

"Gonna take a quiet look ahead, unless ordered otherwise, sir," Constin states quietly to Corrath, giving the S2 a moment to overrule him if desired before starting through the broken landscape.

There's a cluck of Corrath's tongue against his cheek as others explain and to Constin, he's offering, "Hold up." After a moment, he's skirting up along the side of the group so as to reach the the larger man. "Hold here. Myself and Ieuan will go forward and see just what this is. If everything's alright, I'll give you wave and you guys come up. I want to make sure they're on our side." As that's said, he's turning his attention to Ieuan and levelling the man with a stare before looking back to Constin.

"Because if they're not on our side, the S-2 and a civilian are going to be able to hold their own?" Dubious Bannik is dubious. But he seems to be happy enough to be here while the Marine and the guide move up.

Constin hears out Corrath's overruling with a short nod, and the only thing an NCO can say in such a situation: "Yes, sir."

"If they're not on our side, less casualties." Sawyer weighs in on the subject, not that she's actually expressing her own opinion. There's a shift of her weight, a crunch of her boots in the newly drifted snow, and she hunkers down against the whip of breeze to wait out in the cold while the S2 goes to make nice.

While the others are heard, Corrath's giving a shake of his head. Attention first shifts to Bannik, a faint smile playing across his lips, "What Averies just said, Specialist. If things go south, we'll only be dealing with the potential of two injuried and not 6. Plus, the Sergeant and the rest of you will be covering us. So if the shit hits the fan, try not to shoot us." There's a flash of a smile before he's looking towards Ryder, "Sergeant stays with you, Captain. Best to have him here to coordinate in case things go south. Or in case you all need to get the frak out of here." Finally, when his eyes come to rest on Ieuan, he's reaching down to pull the sidearm from his thigh holster, extending it towards the man, "You're up front. If these are Taurons, you're the best to talk them down."

Sofia goes quiet. "Hey, I'm still here," She offers quietly. A look over to Ryder. And him too. She nods, going silent after that. She takes a deep breath and winces as the breeze whips. Her eyes go watery though, with the cold. "Please be careful." She nods. So, she settles in.

Not everyone in the party may be advocating or attempting stealth, but Ieuan seems set on it. He also does not look at all pleased by Corrath's request. "Look," he says quietly, "I'm telling you, I don't think there are people still here. Not anybody I've heard of being in here in months. I say we just keep on around this way," he gestures at a path in the direction he's indicated they need to ultimately travel, "And leave this be." But then Corrath is insisting and offering him a gun, and he grimaces, reaching out to take it. "Fine," he says, "But if I have to lead, then stay down, stay in cover, stay quiet. I won't be a martyr to your lack of caution."

And still from over the next few winding heaps of debris comes smoke, and women's voices, though they're too indistinct to make out clearly from here. Though that sounded like a laugh, just there.

"Whatever you say, sir," murmurs Bannik, watching the interaction between Corrath and Ieuan. As he said. But it does compel him to finally draw his weapon, keeping it down by his side. He scoots a little bit closer over to Sofia. Scoot. Scoot.

"If she comes out wearing a purple suit and high heels with a giant hat like she just came from brunch, shoot first and ask questions later." Sawyer mutters to those hanging back, becoming a little fidgety with the wait. Fix belt here, adjust helmet there. She even reaches for the breast pocket of her utility vest, as if meaning to go for a cigarette, but stops herself from that distraction.

As the voices sound again, followed by a laugh, Corrath keeps his attention levelled on Ieuan, "There's obviously people here, so we're going to check it out." Now, eyes flit over to Constin, "Sergeant, covering positions. Standard angles of fire. I'll keep us clear of them, if it comes down to it." Then, he's looking to Sofia, Bannik and Sawyer, as if to gauge them for a moment before looking back to Ieuan, "Stealth approach then. Let's go, we're wasting time."

Constin sets about the minor details as Corrath and their Tauron guide prepare to move forward. "Keep eyes on the sides- speak up at movement. Wolfe-" he points to one flank, "Bannik-" he points to the other. "Captain," that's Ryder, "Take a cover position here. Averies-" the first time he's acknowledged the civilian thus far, finding her behind him. "Stay out of the line of fire."

Ryder nods at the orders and complies, picking his own spot to lay down covering fire if needed. He keeps quiet, though. Further talking won't achieve much, after all, though he does give Constin a look that speaks of Ryder's own time as a grunt. Sometimes, the el-tee will have his own way.

Sawyer gives Constin a winning, if not heartfelt, smile. "You too, Sergeant." Still, she's a good girl and stays back, under a modicum of cover even if that cover is the marine himself.

Ieuan shrugs and shakes his head, taking the safety off the sidearm he's been offered and leading with it as he creeps around this layer of debris piles to the next. There're enough heaps of concrete chunks, I beams and the occasional crunched bench or headless sculpture that it's possible to remain in cover until close enough to get a decent view, and that's what the Taurian is aiming for, leading Corrath with him.

Sofia … doesn't take cover behind Constin, instead settling on his flank (The position, not literally. She doesn't know what to ask him for Christmas). Watching is tense, and now and then she just holds her breath.

"I think Averies would know better about flanking than I would," mutters the deckhand under his breath, Bannik ducking his head to move out to the side. Shuffle, shuffle, crunch, clank. It's hard to be six feet and carrying a tool kit and silent. He does the best he can.

Nothing further is said to the group and as Ieuan begins to move up, Corrath's simply following the man, moving from junk pile to junk pile and heeding where he plants his feet. Wouldn't do to accidently step on and snap something, when the black of his combat gear against the white of the snow is enough of a tell. Once they've drawn close enough, the S2 simply regards the scene for a moment before looking to Ieuan, only to offer a muted whisper, "That's .. not to keep warm." Then, a hand shifts from his rifle, lifting to activate the mic on his gear so he can murmer, "Sergeant, bring the group up, but spread them out, left and right, from my position. Need different vantage points on this."

Constin raises a hand to his earpiece and nods once, voicing quietly, "Captain Ryder, move up with Wolfe to the right of Lieutenant Corrath's position. Bannik, Averies, with me to the left. Stay low, stay quiet, and stay out of sight until in position. Let's move." Bannik's elevated opinion of Sawyer's flanking knowhow goes unremarked upon.

Ryder nods to Constin, then turns, gives Sofia a warm smile, and moves forward slowly, quietly, doing his best to move in a way she can easily imitate if she's nervous. It's something like sneaking with a large, heavily armed, graying teddy bear.

Hey, it could have been a dig at Sawyer. But then again maybe /some/ people find her to be an asset. The reporter nods curtly to Constin, then slinks off to the side with him to see what's what up ahead.

Sofia lifts her eyebrows. She's only about 5 inches shorter than Bannik and lugging her tools about too. She tries to move quietly though, but it's not easy. She smiles back at Ryder before trying to move sneakily, vaguely like Ryder - but then, those darn tools. At least she only has a sidearm and slinks to the side with hiim then.

Bannik at least has Constin to stick with on the left side. He keeps close to the Master-at-Arms and follows his lead, clanking and rattling all the way. He keeps his gun pointed down, not bothering to hold it out at anything in particular.

As the team members take up their positions around the bit of the plaza that is fronted by the museum, they'll see, between chunks of debris and toppled monuments and a fountain half-upheaved, a big fire just before the steps of the temple. It's a pretty large fire, actually, more than a 'boy we're cold out here trying to survive' fire. More like a bonfire. The smoke that blows about smells faintly both of natural materials and accelerant, and if one were to peer into the flames they'd see not only wood but hacked up furniture, bits of a bench or two from the square, and paper. Lots of paper. Scrolls and books, curling and ashing in the flames. And up the stairs near the temple doors, a few dark-clad figures, making their way down.

Once people have moved into their position, Corrath is simply looking down the scope of his rifle, trying to get a gauge of the situation and just what's going on. Unfortunately, that fire and smoke seems to be mainly in his way, so a hand is shifting back to that mic, switching it on once more so that he can murmer into it, "Anyone in a position to see what condition those people are in?"

"You mean beyond sacreligious?!" Sawyer hisses into her comm unit. The next she says to Constin, instead of over the live line. "I've known people to do stupid things out of desparation, but there's plenty of other debris to keep them warm. That damn well looks deliberate."

"A damn sight better than they will be when I am done with them…" Ryder says, his eyes blazing, or at least they are to those who can see him. "They're burning books and scrolls, and not just for…" he pauses as he hears out the lawyer, and nods. "This is an intentional destruction of our culture, el-tee. We have to stop this."

Sofia blinks. Her eyes go wide. Burning … books. "I see they are burning things and took debris. Like books. I wonder if they're part of that…" That cult. She doesn't say much more. A nod at Sawyer. She's sympathetic at least.

Bannik glances over his shoulder at the two women. "Well," he says finally, as if processing all of that. "There are a lot of us and not too many of them. I figure we could probably take them in, put a stop to this." A pause. "Right?"

"Cut the chatter," Constin orders curtly into the series of protests at the desecration. Sawyer's observation gets no look and no immediate comment. "I see no injuries, sir." Only after that is given, does he drawlk to Sawyer, without taking his eyes or sights off the dark figures, "Of course its deliberate. Both of you settle in and keep quiet unless you have a useful tactical observation," he includes Bannik in that.

"Pile the fires high, sister!" comes a rich, contralto voice of one of the women as she descends the temple stairs to where the fire burns, walking beside another figure, arms filled with scrolls and books. The voice might be recongizable to anyone who has spenty any recent time in the brig. The face, a middle-aged woman, dark and haughty, certainly would be. "I shall enjoy setting these affronts to our God as kindling. Though I wonder if we shall ever find what we came for. There are no traces of it here."

"Four would not steer us wrongly. She is a loyal soldier and has always done her work well before in her time on that bitch of a ship. God spoke to our sister, and His voice must be a mission for us all. And Four has been gone long. She is not aware of the divisions, and has no reason to mislead us. There *is* something left here, and it must be destroyed or all our plans will come to naught." They are perfect twins, dark and righteous and glorying in the destruction they are bringing to these relics.

There are, indeed, many copies. And these are Number Five.

And these Number Fives are not just any — they've appeared before in a variety of civilian forms, but these are dressed in clothing not so different from the marine blacks the colonials themselves wear, though their outfits appear lighter, more maneuverable. Oh, and they're armed, each wearing a rifle strapped across their backs.

Sawyer's heart catches in her throat, reaching out for Constin's arm but stops just short. "You want a frakking tactical observation? How about an opinion. Retreat. Retreat and call in a frakking airstrike and level the place…" Though a shaking hand is dropping to her weapon, just in case they decide to do something stupid and she has to back that decision up.

"We can't level it," whispers Bannik, looking over at Sawyer like she's crazy. "That's a whole ton of historical artifacts in there! We can't just wipe it out! We should take them down and put a stop to it; try to find what they're looking for." Tactics from the REMF — that's what he's got. "I see rifles on them, can't confirm body armor."

Number Fives? Multiple? She blinks. Sofia shakes her head. She looks horrified, watching the Fives now. She blinks. And hisses. "Hey! Movement by the door. It might be shiny… watch it. I bet they have buddies to back them up." She snaps out of her fogged shock, looking horrified. Whatever it is, she's worried now. She looks to Ryder.

"An offering to God!" one of the Fives yells rapturously as she throws the books upon the fire. A cackling sort of laugh escaping her. The companion Five she was speaking to also laughs, adding her scrolls to the fire for kindling.

"I wish Four had been more illustrative in what she relayed. She is a good soldier, but her mind is most literal. And she thinks too highly of herself. It is a flaw in her line. We must continue our search beyond this place."

"Both of you shut up," Constin orders curtly, under his breath, looking away from the targets for the firat time as Sawyer and Bannik exchange excited and opposite expressions of agitation. Into the wireless, "O'Hare, Constin. We need a call. If our position isn't compromised yet, it will be, soon."

There's something to be said about being caught somewhat by surprise and that voice, followed by the face that goes with it, causes Corrath to blink through the scope of his rifle. Twice. There's a muted hiss under his breath, followed by, "Frak me sideways. Cylons," before he realizes that his mic is still on. "Shut the frak up, people." The words are hissed before he's going silent, looking through the scope of his rifle at something that catches his attention. Again, a muted hiss is offered before he's grunting under his breath. "Centurion. At least one. Alright, back off, slowly. Sergeant, record our coordinates and when we're clear, relay to the Air Wing. This is there problem, now. We move on with our mission." Screw being popular. It's better to be alive.

"Frak," Ryder mutters to himself. He follows Sofia's look and nods. "Damn. Chromejobs. Good eye, now stay down. Things get nasty, you stay down unless one of them is shooting at you." He hears the order, closes his eyes for a moment, and then mutters under his breath as they start to pull out. "Lords of Kobol, hear my prayer…."

Sawyer is shutting up. Without even glaring. See? There's always room for improvement. Quietly, Sawyer slips the weapon from the holster, pointing the muzzle at the sky and cupping the butt with her opposing hand. At the order from Corrath, she's slowly slipping backwards as quietly and safely as possible while keeping as much attention on the temple as possible. Alive is good. She likes alive.

"Copy that, Lieutenant," Constin mutters into the wireless. "Ryder, withdraw to original position," he states, before ordering Bannik to escort Sawyer back to the same original position. Constin will place himself out of sight, and carry out the ordered marking and reporting of the specific coordinates.

Sofia nods at Ryder. She's smile it seems, but feels a bit ill at the goings on with Five and Four. "How could anyone betray for that?" She really doesn't seem to understand how someone could be sympathetic to them /now/. She takes a deep breath. "It sounds like we're leaving," She whispers to Ryder. She goes quiet though, as he prays. She will follow the doctor around at least.

Ryder nods, though he holds a finger to his lips… it's time for quiet. He starts moving out, even more carefully now, watching the shadows in case centurions are about. They only get one chance at this, after all."

Ieuan has been quiet this whole time, glaring hard-eyed at the cackling, relic-burning Fives. When the retreat is sounded, he moves with Corrath away, watching until the last as bits of his city's cultural treasures are fed into the fire before turning away into the snow after the others.

Constin keeps his position covering Corrath and Ieuan until the two look to be clear and then moves back to meet back up with the rest of the team. There's still a job to do, but Constin will carry it out quietly.

Having sounded the general 'retreat', Corrath makes his way back to with Ieuan and once they are clear of their previous position, and it looks as if they haven't been followed, he's looking to those in the group. "Alright, we complete our original mission. Quickly. Then back to the Raptor. We can't waste any time now."

Once they've backed away out of immediate earshot, careful recon will show no other Cylons to be seen in the area beyond that temple square, and it does not seem as if those they observed noticed them. Perhaps Cylons lack psychic powers after all. The path to the spaceport depot will be unhampered by anything but pesky chunks of metal and larger-than-average rats, and though there are useful things to be found there, the haul is a little disappointing, particularly in light of the risk it turned out to entail. A different path back to meet the Raptor, winding through streets that look just about the same, and then back to the ship it is. Alive, at least. Alive is good.

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